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New Track to listen

Now out New by FloatWithme https://soundcloud.com/floatwithme/floatwithme-1


If you like to know about all my songs or want to find me on different other social networks. You can listen to my track(s) on soundcloud.


Special thanks to my fans

My thank goes out to you all who started to FAN me back from day one I came online here on Reverb.

Reverb is a great platform for us as music creators to share our talent and music to the world.

Wish you all the best of luck, creativity, happiness and good health. Music is something without any borders, a universal language in which we are able to communicate.

God bless you all my friends.

Cheers Ray

Medicated Music
Medicated Music  (over 3 years ago)


Kindred Spirit
Kindred Spirit  (over 2 years ago)

Well said! Take care!