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And You Dont Stop

I want to thank Chuck D from Public Enemy for playing my music and showing support on his radio show. Real Hip Hop forever.

Fake show promoters

A lot of these show promoters are just money motivated, they are not about real music and the craft behind it. This is why the industry sucks and its even a deeper meaning behind why it sucks. To all the show promoters out there, wake up and support artist that have a meaning behind their work, instead of the same senseless acts that you support. by the way for all you money makers out there, when the value of currency is no more, what will you do and how will you live. We as a whole are definitely out of touch with nature, every thing is about money.

Sorry Everyone

Reverbnation is stopping me from answering messages and saying that I sent too many messages. Now thats just a bunch of crap. I apologize for the inconvenience, you have Rigverbnation to thank for this.

Thank You

I want to Thank everyone for dropping by my page and showing me support. Its means a lot to an artist like me, Thank you.

Sucka Emcees

If it wasnt for wanna be gangsters, Weed and Other Drugs, Money, Sex, Material Things such as Cars and Clothes and Fancy things. Alot of these Rappers wouldnt be saying shit. Real hip hop forever.

Shannon Geis
Shannon Geis  (about 4 years ago)