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Background Born in Kampala, Uganda, Selector Martis is a son of an Accountant and an Businessman. He attended school in Uganda, ST Aloysious Primary school in 2003 in Nyamitanga Mbarara District [[1]] where he attained a Primary Leavers' certificate. He then went to Mbarara High School, where he attained UCE a certificate. After Mbarara High school Went to Mengo Senior school For the A- Level education majoring in History, economics, Geography and Fine Art. Later in 2010 he joined Makerere University, where he is a current student of Social Science Majoring in Social Anthropology and Minoring in criminology. After O Level, Selector Martis went to Supreme Entertainment a Deejay School in Kenya [[2]] Career Selector Martis a.k.a the Tune Doctor started out as a Deejay at a local Bar in 2006 although this was the period when he was just learning the basics of mixing the Music. Martis has worked with a number of entrainment houses and the list is endless. Martis felt a connection to music from a young age. During his adolescence, Martis learned to play guitar and performed with various death metal bands. By the age of 18, he had broadened his knowledge on music production and at the moment he is an Audio- Video producer in Redemption Studios in Kampala, Uganda. Martis currently plays 3 musical instruments. Martis has worked with Planet sports Bar [[3]], club Icon, Savana, Virgin Island, Vision empire in Mbarara, Uganda, [[4] Posted by selector Martis at 05:40

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