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We support the plight of the Yazidi people.

Done it

Managed to add the WLS (Wales) bit to our Banner header :-)

Sibelius Academy 2

Track List Ocean Gypsy When I Look at You Strange Trip The River Gypsy and the Queen of May (Just like) John Barleycorn Blues The Horrific Murder of Miss Mary Brown of Dublin Windfucker (of) Frost and Fire and Winters Cold

Thank you

Wow number 1 in the 'Reverbnation' charts, thank you all. :-)

Re-Sibelius Academy 2

Wrong web address www.soundcloud.com/sibelius-academy/sets/sibelius-academy-ii

Sibelius Academy 2

Full album available to listen to on www.soundcloud.com/sibelius-academy/sets/sibbelius-academy-ii

Sibelius Academy II

Hello, back on track after a difficult few months with family probs (elder reletives), 1st side mixed, of what would be the 1st side of vinyl (those were the days). Re-recording some of the second side and mixing in the next 2 weeks.


Music being used in a mix for a radio station in the UK....more shortly...

Hello new fans

Don't forget, we are on 'Soundcloud', 'Facebook', 'MySpace' and ''Youtube'. Cheers

Hello new fans

Thanks to our new fans, hope to visit your pages in the next week or so. Thanks to Austin Yorks for his cover of 'The History Man' on 'Soundcloud' (how cool for another musician/band to cover one of our tracks). More news to follow, cheers groovy people ;-)