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long time

hey everyone i know its been awhile since we have posted a new blog but we have been really busy writing new songs and playing some really rad shows!! so stay tuned for more info on css and all other merch


again its been some time but our 6 song ep is finally about done!!!! it took awhile longer but it was worth the wait and we also got a new shipment of t-shirts so check out our upcoming shows and the mini tour we will be doing july 18th-22nd from seattle to eastern washington to portland so if your live around the area of our tour come check us out!!!! until next time peace out!!!


so its been awhile since our last blog post but we have been working hard on finishing our album and getting ready to record it will be a badass album and we are taking october and november off to record and come back in december with a new album and a bunch of killer merch!! so if any of you want to ask us any questions about any of us please feel free to ask us...

Writing of our first album

the writing process can be easy and can be confusing especially if you write as crazy as we do but the writing process is almost done and then its recording then to our fans can wait to finish it up.