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My Traveling Musical Journey

As a kid I was always fascinated by the drums when I first saw my father's friend playing around on his drum kit. At that young age I asked him to teach me a beat and from there I carried on and taught myself. Later on in life I found myself meeting up with other kindred spirits and forming a band until I eventually moved on to college to join a music performance course.

I found that whenever I was playing an instrument I could escape from the world and feel really relaxed taking my mind off of all the stress and issues in my life. Because of this feeling I became really passionate about music and spent a very long time developing my craft.

College was a very special time because I was surrounded by a lot of like-minded individuals with the same passion for their instruments as I had for the drums. During my time at college I expanded my skills and started singing, playing the guitar and the piano. Just about any instrument I could get my hands on was interesting to me and there were great teachers around willing to show me what was possible.

College was a tough time but it really reinforced just how badly I wanted to make music into a career. I decided to continue my education at the Bristol Institute of modern music to learn all that I could.

When I graduated from the Bristol Academy I realized that although I had all this education I really had not experienced music from around the world were truly I could discover who I am as a person. I took this time to travel and really find myself and inspiration for music. During this period in my life I began to discover new passions for traveling and it has since become a major part of my life as well as music.

Travel taught me to be more independent and showed me how the world sees me as a person. Through this I captured my thoughts in music, took my guitar on a trip to France to work during the ski season. It was during this time that I started from a clean slate to write new material, create a new image in a fresh place.

Throughout my travels I made a lot of connections and collaborated with many different people.

But I have never found a more true musical connection than that of the one with my friend Craig Davies.

Even throughout our travels and different journeys we continue to create, innovate and collaborate together to create music that challenges us and that we’re passionate about.

I met a lot of people that require thanks in helping me develop my own musical style, and people who I've drawn inspiration from.

But more important than all of this it’s YOU, the listener that deserves the greatest thanks for making this all possible. Having my music listened to and appreciated is one of the greatest rewards I have been given and I am appreciative, if you're willing to join me along the road. I look forward to many more sometimes hard, sometimes ugly but always worth while

experiences along this musical journey. Here's to the hope that you are part of that.

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Thank you for listening and hearing my story.