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Throwin the kitchen sink at the contest.

Really excited to be entering the International songwriting competition. For my contest song I'm doing a heavy metal tribute to the combat medic pilots and crews who fly mostly unarmed helicopters into know hostile areas to rescue wounded soldiers.

I'll be using my 8 string, my 10 string a grip of drums and synths and of course, helicopters!

The best interview I've ever done!

I was thrilled this week to be interviewed by Traktor Topaz Of Mobius Megatar about my favorite ax, The unconquerable and mighty ToneWeaver.

The link to the interview is...http://megatar.us/JOHNHALL

The ToneWeaver is a 12 string tapping bass. It's over 5' long, has a range greater than a piano and always stops people in their tracks. I feed mine a steady diet of vintage Gibsons. It's also great for stopping conversations about who has the baddest ax!

Please feel free to gawk at these devastatingly awesome instruments. They're not everyone's cup of tea, but if you are a shred head, it's worth a moment of your time to check one out for yourself.

This week I also added the BC Rich Perfect 10 bich to my arsenal. I can't wait to start tracking with this thing. 10 strings, coil taps and an onboard tone filter...I am so going to rock this bich!