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Promo Cd is Ready!

I know it's been a while but it's finally here! I have a Chemical Death Mask promotional CD with 7 tracks reaching a little over 41 minutes long of dancing, spacey awesomeness!

New tracks!

Hey guys so I am releasing a new ambient track to listen to and check out today, while you wait for my newer, more upbeat tracks to be released, late tonight or early tomorrow! Enjoy! -CDM


Been up since 6:30 AM drinking coffee, and working on 2 tracks that I have been sitting on for a while....it's only almost 10, but it's break time with a smoke and some coffee. Feeling stoked, these tracks are gonna make you freak!

Up and running!

So most of you may or may not know I deleted my Soundcloud account and have discarded all old tracks. From the start of this new account I will be putting out solely new tracks. Stay tuned, fellow partiers. -CDM