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Call for Musicians of all Varieties!!

Hope everybody had a great 4th of July!! We would like to make an announcement that we are looking for more musicians to add to our line up. If you are interested in joining our band and you play an instrument, message us on our facebook page and we can schedule a jam session with you!

Upcoming Shows

Hey everybody, here's a little Riot Nurse update for you. We are going to be playing this Saturday at Mel Hamilton Ford here in Wichita Kansas at 11 am. It's going to be a fundraiser to help out some homeless animals. Make sure you come out and bring your pet. Also, we are going to be playing at Rock Island Live on July 6, and it's going to be our biggest show ever so make sure you come out and rock with us!!

Vote For Riot Nurse to play Vans Warped Tou

Well, the title cut off on me, but we're trying to play Vans Warped Tour this year! Are you going to Warped Tour? Yes? Well how bout helping your old buddies Riot Nurse get there as well. How do you do this? you might ask. It's simple. Just follow this link http://www.battleofthebands.com/u/Riot_Nurse it will take you to our profile page, hit the button vote for this band. Then all you have to do is type your name...for example Allota Fagina followed by your email address, then uncheck the box underneath if you don't want them to send you any offers (and they won't, we checked). And it's as easy as that...oh yeah! Do it 100x!!! Then you can listen to our music and watch so exclusive videos, yadayadayadA!! Then, tell all your friends to do the same thing, share this post!!! If we can get a good number of votes we'll give you another free song to download!! Thanks/Peace/Keepitsleezy

Riot Nurse Meme Contest!!!

Hey everybody, Ryan here from Riot Nurse. Today we are announcing the beginning of our Riot Nurse Meme Contest! Create a Riot Nurse meme, get your friends to like it, and you could win a free CD!! Here's how to play: 1) Create a Riot Nurse Meme and post it on the Riot Nurse facebook page for everyone to see. (You can create as many as you like). 2) Tell your friends to go to the Riot Nurse facebook page and like your meme's. 3) The 3 meme's with the most likes by March 31, will be judged by the band. 4) The winner wins a free autographed CD with a few extras!!

Get to work on your meme's and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Nurse's Diary Feburary 2013

Hello all you awesome peeps. Well unfortunately, we have dropped to #3 but we're ready to start fighting to get back on top. We need your help! Share us, download a free song, or watch a video...anything and everything helps.

So we are now looking for another guiter player to join the band. So if you or any one you know might be interested, hit us up for more information.

We are working on finishing up the music video right now. We have all the footage I think we need so it should be coming your way very shortly. We will also be printing all new T-shirts soon that will be for sale at our shows, and maybe in a store near you.

Well that's it for now peeps. Take it easy, keep it sleezy!

Nurse Diary January 2013

What up...happy new year from Riot Nurse!! All you awesome peeps help us to get to number one on the Wichita Rock charts and number 3 on the wichita all genre chart! That's awesome and we have been able to maintain for the past few days. Hopefully, we will be able to stay there.

So we just wanted to hollar at you and give you a show update. We have a suprise show that we just booked this thursday, the 17th of January at Rock Revolution Bar in Old Town (233 N. Mosley). It's a new place but it looks pretty sweet. We will be rocking out all night, all by our lonesome so you should come by and hang for a little while. We also have a show Friday at the Lizard Lounge with Snapback and it will be our first time playing there, so we're pretty pumped about that. We also have a show on the first of Feburary at our favorite bar, John Barleycorn's so make sure you come out to that. We're gonna have 1 Rab, Chris Williams, and a new blues band that I can't quite remember the name of at this moment plus a few more, so come out and hang out with us at some of these shows.

We also got in the running to play Riverfest this year so hopefully we'll be able to jump on that. Until next time kiddys, take it easy, and keep it sleezy.

Nurse's Diary Last of 2012

What's up all you Riot Nurse fans out there? So great news!! We all survived the end of the world!! Great news for some of us, bad news for others. Well, a little update for all of you. First the big news...we are booked to play WINtour in Salina, KS on Feburary 9th with national touring acts Saint Diablo and Ionia. We're totally pumped about this. Tickets are only $10 for not only us and these two national acts but for like 7 other bands as well. And if you buy tickets from us, we are planning on getting a few hotel rooms so if you want to come up go to the concert and party with us after ward and have a place to sleep, just contact us. It's gonna be an all ages show as well, so if your down for a weekend of rocking out hard core, give us a hollar, get a ticket and lets party. We also got a music video coming out pretty soon for "You and What Army". It is being made by our good friend, David Youso. We're pumped to have it out. We just recently uploaded a bunch of live videos from our other shows and we got a lot more to come so check those out!! By the way, if your a band, a venue, or your just someone that wants a band for your party...hit us up, we want to play for you. And just a reminder that you can download the album title track "You and What Army" free here at the Reverbnation page and you should go out and get our Album on Itunes or whatever internet based music store you shop at or come to our show and buy a CD from us and we'll sign and autograph it for you and do what ever else you want us to do to it for you. Okay everybody, have a merry christmass and a happy new year. PEACE, RIOT NURSE

Looking for a manager

So we need a manager who can handle book our band. I (Ryan) have been doing it myself the past couple months and it is a lot of work as I am sure all of you know. If you are interested you can connact us @ Riot.nurse@yahoo.com and we can discuss it as well as compensation.

It's Time Live Video from John Barleycorn's

Here is us playing It's Time at John Barleycorn's! Enjoy!!

Ryan Rants 1

Hey every one, Ryan here. This is a new little mini blog, I've set up to bitch about shit I don't like. I want you guys to comment if you have something to say about what I'm talking about. Also I'm thinking about starting another blog for all the musicians and bands that need advice on music business stuff. If anyone thinks this is a cool idea, let me know and I'll start that up too.

Okay, as I am sitting here enjoying a nice drink to help relax me after a stressful day, I am remembering something that really pissed me off a few days ago. I work with kids in school to make sure they are doing what they are suppose to be doing and behaving. I heard from a few of the teachers that now adays, kids middle school and below do not need to pass all their classes to move onto the next grade and to move on to high school. What the hell is this? Now adays all a kid has to do to get to the next grade is show up, if they feel like it? Really? What ever happened to the days when you would start a new year of school and you'd have a kid in class that was 10 years older than you cause he had to repeat it. You may say to me, but Ryan, this is a good thing because now he'll go through school with his appropriate age group of peers. Well maybe, but if the kid doesn't learn the importance of trying in school at a young age, do you think he/she is gonna give a shit about trying when they get to high school and, by a miracle of god, college? Hell no, they ain't!! Your just training a generation of lazy, dumbass kids that don't want to learn. Well, maybe things will change when the average IQ of this country drops to right above the level of mentally handicapped. Well, that's all I got, hollar at me!!