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Another almost ready for ya's!

Hey guys!! should have another new one ready for ya's to check out here shortly!! Hope everyone is well. Jules

Two new demo songs for ya's!!!

Hey guys!! I just finished recording and mixing two more new demo songs which will be on my upcoming project album called "Live Life While I Still Can" and "As Long As I Live" hope ya's dig the new tunes and hope everyone is well. Rock On & Rock Hard!!!

New Songs Shortly

Hey guys!! I'll have some more new song demo's ready by weeks end to post for everyone to check out as to what else is to come. Hope everyone is doing well. Rock On!! & Rock Hard!!!

Another New One For Ya's!!!!!!!

Hey guys!! Hope everyone had a great Christmas with your loved ones and friends and are having an outstanding year so far in 2013. Here is a totally brand new song demo that I just finished for everyone to check out called "Right Where I Wanna Be" Hope ya's dig it!! Peace!!!

Another new one for ya's!!

Just finished up another new song demo for ya's called "The Way That You Love Me" This will be another song that will be re recorded in studio in studio and will be on my new Rock/Pop/Dance album called "Then We're Ghosts" coming out in 2013. Hope ya's dig it!! thanx again for all the awesome support with the new stuff!! U GUYS ROCK!!!!