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It´s about time! Some clear words!

It´s about time! Some clear words! Hi my friends! I am a studied drummer, musician, artist! I spent the last 29 years with studying music and workin intense in the field of music and art! Playing, teaching makin cd´s and digital art up to 19 hours a day! I am number 1 in my place and between number 2 and 23 in germany on reverbnation for years! I was part of exhibitions in New York and Miami with See Me! I am on several platforms for music and digital art that show my art and for selling my art! This is a lot of work! I have about 10.000 fans around the world ! These are achievements! Lots of People like what I do and congratulate me for my good work! Thanks a lot! But I am not a lawyer that gets money for words! A lot of money! It´s fun, fullfilling and makes you happy to do this work! In my study time at the university for music one of our professors told us we are the lights of this world! In a music school before that we were told that we musicians are already in heaven and don´t need anything! There the annoying part starts! No! If you do work like this with success like this you are not doing this for fun! Sorry! to make people happy, to bring some good feelings in the world and the hearts of People is honourable work for the good side and worth more than money can ever pay! I never thought about being a superstar and things like that! But I am sureley didn´t do it for some nice words and nothing! We all need to live, eat and pay for our flats! It gets akward to do this work and fear for years how you can live, eat and pay for your living! Until now all that work brought me, guess, plain nothing! This can´t go on and is a shame! Even I have to eat and to pay for my living to provide you with your fuel for life my music and art! Iam nearly out of money now! That is what my work brought me! It´s a shame! The last Cd took four years to realize! If I can concentrate on my work I do easily two in a year! Bad! No fun! With the time i just need some appreciation for my work , not in words and pity, but in the language of simply Money! Not my idea that the world runs like this! So that´s easy! I call up everyone to donate what he thinks it´s worth for him, to make a dream for me come true for 20 years now: to wake up and to know that I can live! That´s all I want and to be able to provide you any more with my music and art! So the donate button is right here! Make me happy! In love Hans-Jörg Lorenz! The donate button is on my Homepage here! https://orange-1.jimdo.com Just copy and paste the link!

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Have a look at my Bandcamp profile!:-) https://orange-1.bandcamp.com/album/ambrosia-2

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Hey! My Friends! I have a new Fashion Store at VIDA! Come over have a look and buy something nice!:-) Orange-1 Fashion Store At VIDA https://shopvida.com/collections/orange-1

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