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the drain is blogged pt. VIII

so.....the final mix done. will get it mastered then REALLY done. everyone stoked with the project and looking forward to putting it out there. the door is always open as far sharing your feedback with us about the music we make....ya cant grow if you don't know, right? much love to Adam Phillips & JC Dwyer for their contributions, knowledge, and just making recording fun. shit sounds tight! SPEAKING VOLUMES DEC 2013

the drain is blogged pt. VII

went back to the lab tonite to record odds & ends - ya know...triangle, eggs, kielbasa, empeecee, tambo, etc..., and now everything's been tracked. 1 or 2 more sessions to mix this thing, and it's a wrap. def been fun. we're all proud of the work and look forward to sharing it. check back....peace. SV

the drain is blogged pt. VI

skrilla popped back in the studio this week to record some back up vox and some additional guitar sounds - both electric & acoustic. session was well done and definitely captured some good ideas. going to add some MPC samples next week and that's that. we'll mix & master the thing and stop talkin about it. check back - SV ***PS - love to the members & families from ghost cat - cant help but feel horrible about that situation. take care yall

the drain is blogged pt. V

couple weeks since bloggin in. got 90% of EP recorded...got a few snips to throw in there and we're good. hope to wrap up this little present in about 3 weeks. been listening to rough mixes.....we're not ones to run around brag-boasting, but it really sounds killer....everyone really contributed some serious skill thru this endeavor and shined. thats what it's all about anyway. next update on wed after skrilla does his thing. yeah buddy - SV

the drain is blogged - pt. 4 Low End

Back in action last night with Bosworth contributing his bass guitar sound to the mix. results were dope as expected. he was straight up professional and prepared, making sh$# look easy. A & JC were super creative with the rig hookup resulting in the tone we were looking for. totally dig having accomplished musicians at the boards....ideas are plentiful and it will show in the final product. skrilla back in next to add some back up vox and guitar additions.....we bangin this out nicely! check back soon.....

the drain is blogged - raps & vox!

phew. day 3 in the books. spent about 9hrs in the booth yesterday. got 96.3% of all vocals DONE. big ups to A & JC for grindin through all that with us. had some ladies in place adding their voices to the songs, and other "guest" backers, too. needless to say it was a fun day...could get used to that sorta thing. we're feeling pretty good about this recording and gonna keep it rolling... the low end theory is up next. Bosworth! check back soon

the drain is blogged - guitars!

day 2 guitar sesh is in the books. amazing what u can do these days with home recording. after working through technical difficulties, skrilla finally got to work. gotta say that he did amazingly well at nailing his parts. the guitar recording configuration was interesting too...not to give any of Adam or JC'S secrets out, but let's just say they use different approaches to get the most out of a guitar and it's rightful player. after too many beers, and the dread of realizing I had to get up early for my real job, I left the studio after midnight. the boys worked well in to the early morn to get the job done. skrilla sounded stoked this AM about the results. I must say that I am really developing a new found respect for the musicians in this band. they make difficult look easy. vocals up next on saturday....let me clear my throat. check back soon! - chadroc - SV

The drain is blogged - intro & beats!

Welcome to the SV Blog. Random thoughts and updates documenting this phase of life's latest band project, Speaking Volumes. After 2 years of rehearsing, writing new jams, and playing live shows, we saved up enough scratch to have Adam & JC (homies, etc..) record 5 tracks for/with us. Those 2 are good at the recording craft besides being unreal musicians. Rudy was as professional as a manager at Old Navy. He killed his drum takes with minimal overdubs. We proud Rudy! Next up is guitars. That should definitely be interesting...gonna get some good noises outta Skrilla. Check back in a few days. Word - SV