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My Aloha

Trina Lee’s falsetto voice is known in the studio pure sound, angelic sound, combining her voice with the traditional songs collaborated a Hawaiian melody with a great musician Daryl Buckner. Who has played with the Eagles, the Doors, Huey Lewis and the Band, Vince Gill, Martina McBride, and Alice and Chains . Daryl Buckner has brought the Hawaiian melody sounds with a Ukulele slack sound combined with steel guitar and mandolin. Altogether it brings in a Hawaiian vibe.Trina Lee produced this music, nobody knew how to play Hawaiian music or even listened to it. Trina has visited the island for 10 years Big Island, Kauai, she has been interviewed by Tommy Chung on Kona FM of her beautiful music "Soul of An Angel" her spirit and voice is connected to the Islands, so she decided to create beautiful music with a Hawaiian vibe of appreciation to the people of the Islands in Hawaii.