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Reverbnation scope

Holy crap! I was amazed to find out at first thta the charts not only included where I set up the account (Thomson, Ga), but it also included all of the surrounding Augusta cities. Now, I see that it encompasses Aiken counties in SC as well!!! How far does the chart rate locally???


The next time I see a Myan, I am going to punch him square in the fucking face!!


Please stop the pain, Mr. Jordon.


This is exactly what I am looking for--more Reverbnation fans than on any other interactive format. I am an artists FIRST. Twitter does not talk--only FOLLOW TO GET MORE FOLLOWS. Fuck that. YouTube is sucking wind with a format no one wants to be part of--(and for good reasons).

Eye Empire

Great metal band from the ATL to perform Aug. 8 in Marietta. Don't miss this show because the itinerary looks like it could be awhile before they return.

Google Plus

So does anyone out there agree with me that Google plus is pretty much useless?