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About Paint By Number

“Paint By Number” is a concept album that deals with the issues of conformity and finding a place in a society that has so many expectations of its people. The epic tells the tale of an average person (The Dreamer), who strives to find the right way to live in a society that offers, supposedly, freedom of choice. During his quest, The Dreamer searches for answers in organized religion, history, and, eventually, complete isolation. The Dreamer ultimately chooses the path of conformity, which, realistically, is the path that everyone chooses in life, at least to some degree.

Throughout his journey, The Dreamer is influenced by several characters, including the Enlightened Soul, The Painters, and The Priest. The Enlightened Soul steers The Dreamer toward the path of independence, self-reflection, and free will of the soul. The Painters represent the mass of conformists in society, who mindlessly follow each other along a path that society expects them to follow. The majority of people in society are considered to be Painters. “Painting By Number” represents the idea that the conformists in society are living their lives according to a predetermined plan, just as a child colors a paint by number coloring book in accordance with a stipulated color scheme. Finally, The Priest signifies people in society who take advantage of Painters for personal gain.

"Paint By Number" was recorded and performed circa 1999-2001 under the band name "Static Tension". It was recorded using an 8 track Boss BR-8 digital recorder, which at the time was cutting edge technology for the do-it-yourself home studio musician (oh how times have changed). Special thanks to Dan Wieder (drums), Brendan Morse (production assistance and bass guitar on live performances), and Brian Berkey (lyric co-writer) for their assistance with this project at the time.

The full album is available for digital download in my reverb nation store. Enjoy!

Alchemical Base
Alchemical Base  (over 5 years ago)

See! this is cool stuff...I was having a conversation on this exact subject the other night with Mark Durant (Reverbnation)...We were talking about 'Artistic' Personalities and for the Most Part the 'Addictive' personality that seems to go hand in hand with that.. And How Society tries to Vilify That in Creative People But at the Same Time Loves What they Create...Poe to Morrison, What Would be listening to or Looking at or Reading if it weren't For Those 'Twists' in that Creative Mind?..May Be that They are a Reflection of what All those 'Conformist' Dream of being.

Sian Gregory Juric
Sian Gregory Juric  (over 5 years ago)

I'm using a BR-500 right now. Can't wait to figure out the AKAI 4 track I've got sitting on a shelf then I will probably use the digital as kind of a pre-amp for analog.

My Store

Today I added the album "Paint By Number" to my reverb nation store which is now available for purchase as a digital download. The album is a concept album, so I would rather not sell the songs individually. The album is really meant to be listened to in it's entirety. Enjoy!

Topic of the week - Music Gear

I want to thank all of the fans and supporters who have listened to my first 4 song uploads and liked my pages. We're off to a good start. Let's keep it going!

In an effort to get to know some of you and to spark up some dialogue, I'd like to invite you all to add questions and comments to my page in response to a new topic I will post weekly. This week's topic will be "Music Gear." Feel free to ask me about any gear I use from picks and strings to DAWS and VST plugins and everything in between. Or, let us know some of your favorite gear, or even you're not so favorite gear. Anything goes as long as it's gear related.

In an effort to get as much involvement here as possible, I will email all my mp3s to the person who posts the most interesting/engaging comment. I'll also give the winner a sneak peak at the lyrics to the next song I'll be posting "Shame".

So let's talk gear!

Dan Wieder
Dan Wieder  (almost 6 years ago)


Awesome music! I'm really impressed.

I'm curious, what type of recording software do you use?

Greg Blachman
Greg Blachman  (almost 6 years ago)

Thanks for the question, Dan.

I've used Studio One version 2 to record the 4 songs I' have posted right now. I use a virtual instument by toontrack called EZ Drummer for the drum track.

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