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Hugs And Kisses

Happy Summer 3

Happy : )

Give somebody a hug today;u might just turn their day around.......

Love and Peace

just a short hello to show love to everyone that has passed by my page : )

I'm Back

love to all Reverb Fam fb and twitter : ) add me....

Set on Away

Going to be taking a few weeks off of Reverbnation/Twitter/Facebook starting tonight at midnight to focus ;will be back very soon so keep checking back.Planning big things for 2013 will return all the love when i get back Monique

The Universe

Today I send peace love and success to this whole Reverb community.I'm new up here and love whats going on.Different Artists Genres and People.SUPPORT ME An Upcoming Artist trying to turn dreams into reality.Support my dream and I will send the same energy back into the Universe for u .Life is a circle;One gets what they give.......Monique

Love to my new Fans

Shout out to all the people that are taking the time out to listen to my song.I am a girl from Brooklyn New York trying to make my Dreams come true.Keep the love coming it will come back to you in a circle with complete force behind it :)


: )