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New song Pray For Peace

Just release a new song, Pray For Peace. Collaboration w April Knoll (co-lyrics) & Dattie Do (vocals). Interested in recording it? Just let me know. Thanks for listening!

Successful Songwriting: Song component time

One important aspect to writing a song, which is often not given enough consideration, is the time spent within each song's components. Something you'll commonly find in a hit song is the consistent amount of time throughout a song. Here is the current breakdown for each song. 1. Intro: 12 seconds 2. Verse: 30-35 seconds 3. Pre-Chorus: 8-10 seconds 4. Chorus: 17-30 seconds 5. Bridge: 10-20 seconds 6. Chorus should begin between 30-60 seconds after the song starts. Preferably closer to 30 seconds. 7. Overall Song Length: 3:00-3:30 minutes

Humorous new song about growing old

I had fun writing a humorous song about growing old. Hope you enjoy it.

New song release, Be Your Lovin Man

My new song about two people in a relationship learning how to compromise.

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