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In the Studio for NEW ALBUM: Corporate America

Hey everyone! We are going to be hitting the studio next weekend to begin recording our second album, Corporate America. We will be beginning with our single "Afraid of the Dark" so we can get that out first and then go on from there! We will be making studio updates every session: videos, photos, and lots of tweets! We are SO STOKED for you guys to hear it. This has got to be our 10 best songs we have ever written, ever in our whole lives. Every song means so much to us and we are super passionate about very single one

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Got it?? :)

1st Album Debut: High School Shenanigans

Hi!! We have just finished recording our first album High School Shenanigans last Friday the 26th of July. We are very happy to have this finally out. Be sure to give it a listen below and tell us what you think :)



Hey guys! Today is our first official day recording. The thing is, we did end up getting a full version of our single done, only to find it messed up since our metronome was not working and the guitars sounding funky. We got a lot done today. First, we did the most crucial part of recording which is microphone placement. After attempting many different spots, with microphones in some odd positions, we finally got a great mix going on for drums, which was what today was all about.

We recorded three takes of drums for two songs. One of the two songs is our single which we will hopefully release this weekend on May 4th or May 5th. Then, we sent it over to our good friend Alex Bowers over at The Frequency Room to touch up the drums and compile all three and make a SUPER track ;)

We'll keep updating every day we hit the studio so keep your eyes opened!

Recording for our first album

Yo! This is Drew. We are going to start recording our first album "High School Shenanigans" either this weekend or next weekend! Depending on whenever the mixer we purchased arrives. We are absolutely stoked to the maximum stokeness to put this record out! :)

We have so many new songs and new equipment and all that that you should all be pleased with what will be released. The demo/EP we put out last November was recorded with a $20 USB microphone only. That's it. So don't expect anything cruddy on this next release ;)

Looking towards mid June to release it. Speaking of the album release, we will be having an album release party once it is out! So stay tuned to find more information on that once that comes. We will try our bests to make studio updates after every day we are in the studio, so stay tuned.

Warped Tour 2013: Vote for us to play Cleveland's date

Hey guys! We're going to give the battle of the bands a shot this year to play Warped Tour. Looks like a lot of fun and want to see how far we can go! Give us a vote at the address below and let us know what you think on our profile page as well by commenting at the bottom!


Debut Album Announcement

My friends. This is Drew here with Ready to Start. We've been talking this over for quite some time now and decided it is time to make public our plans to self-release our debut full-length album

A lot has been going in within the band. I myself have been busy booking shows for us and working on editing a handful of songs for our album. All of it isn't done, but 90% of the album is completed. I am so excited to be sharing this great news with all of you!!

We have written over 20 songs over the course of two years that were all candidates for this album. Some songs date back to pre-Ready to Start days when I was in 1000 Reasons with Zach (and a some before Zach joined). We then hand picked the 15 best songs we thought that will satisfy our creative minds and the album (stay tuned for a picture of the track listings :) )

You all are probably wondering what the album title will be called....

High School Shenanigans

It fits the puzzle piece perfectly for us and our high school routines. This will be a great album to share with you all!

Thanks for reading! More information regarding the album will be posted on our Facebook/Twitter as usual, along with show dates and the bells and whistles (if you may) that pop up within our daily lives.


For Whom it May Concern...

For everyone that actually reads these blog posts, I (Zach) have a couple things to say. For one, thank you for actually reading them, it makes us happy knowing that we're actually reaching out to people and not just talking to ourselves...and two, if you can't wait for our debut 15-song album to be recorded and released, here's some tidbits of info...1)we plan on recording and releasing it by late May/early June. and 2)As you may know, each individual song of ours can be pretttyyyy different from the others. Which leads me to say that there's one on the upcoming album that will be different from all of the others...because it's acoustic ;) All three band members? Playin' acoustic guitars for a really awesome two-person-vocal acoustic song. Just thought I'd give you a little teaser of songs to come ;)

Oh my! Today marks the END OF THE WORLD!!!!


Well, after all of the hype and Mayan predictions, turns out we are all still alive...thankfully! :)

Today would be an awesome day to try to hit the highest downloads of our debut EP "Not Long Until the End" ever! It just makes sense, you know? It is finally the end, which wasn't "long" away.

These jokes are really bad...anyways, feel free to share our Reverbnation page and/or bandcamp page to download our crumby self-released/self-recorded/self-hated EP, reverbnation.com/readytostartband OR readytostartband.bandcamp.com

With Love and Pride that we are still alive, - Ready to Start

Just Checking In

Zach here, just saying hello to everyone out there. So Drew, Jack, and I have been working on our songs that going to be released on our full album hopefully before summer starts. All 15 songs are now locked in and are for sure going to be rehearsed and released with the album, but first they need to be touched up and we need to finish writing the lyrics for some of them. Just telling you all that there's a LOT more to come, and all of them are great! Make sure to keep stopping by one of our many social network sites for the latest news! ~ZZ

Made a YouTube channel

Just made a YouTube channel. Our debut EP "Not Long Until the End" is up right now, but nothing more than artwork and the music on the videos.

Not exciting yet (unless you haven't heard our EP yet!!), but it will be! This is where we will be uploading our live videos whenever they get recorded.

So if you want, come subscribe to the channel. We'll be getting it rolling an a month or so when we start playing gigs

**Update** Zach here, and I took the liberty of putting up lyrics into the Bigotry Asshole video, but alas, I was too lazy to put lyrics into the other four videos because it took longer than expected...so maybe someday I'll do that, but not now. :P