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Upcoming release in California's POP VULTURE MAGAZINE

Pretty excited for this to happen! we're gonna be in an upcoming release in the California-based magazine Pop Vulture. we got some press recently from them which was kick butt! Stay tuned in on the website. Matter of fact, check out our cover story in it http://www.popvulturemag.com/2012/11/ready-to-start.html?m=1

Peace, Drew

Things to come

Hiya, Zach here, just teasing at what's going to be coming sooner or later. So you all know that we released a crappily-recorded-five-song EP recently. But did you know that we're almost done writing all of the songs that will be on our first full length album?! We just need to touch up some songs and finish writing some lyrics and we'll have them all written! There'll be 15 songs total on this album; the 5 you've heard from the EP plus 10 brand new songs. I'm just here to tease though, because we won't be going into the studio (yes, we're going to get some professional recordings for this one instead of basement recordings) for another 6 months or so. Just a rough estimate. Also just keeping you all interested! Chao! ~Zakky

"Not Long Until the End" is DONE! :)

Hi everyone! Good morning, rather. This is Drew here. I am super excited to say that all five songs off our debut demo EP "Not Long Until the End" are completed! We finished tracking drums, vocals, and some bass last night and I went home to put the mix together. Sounding great, I went to bed and just woke up an hour ago with fresh ears to give it one more listen. Made a few minor tweaks: cutting the extra times at the beginning and ends of the songs, normalizing, etc.

I am very happy that it is done. It was completed in only 3 practices I believe. Our first practice we all learned the whole setlist. Then our second, third, and fourth practice we began recording. The whole record was done in three weeks time, but only about six days of recording/mixing.

Now that this is completed, we are going to be looking to get the word out about it and we'll need your help. Just share it with your buddies if they want to hear some "top-notch" recording (basement home recordings #FTW).

Around January we are looking at booking shows. So if you are in the Cleveland area stay tuned in and see when we are playing near you! :) More on shows to come

Thank you everyone for your patience as well. It kind of sucks how we had to put this EP off six days, as it was originally doing to be released on the 11th of November. Nonetheless, it is here

Hope you enjoy! Email us what you think and we'll get back to you! Or if you want, leave a comment on our Facebook/Reverbnation/tweet us with the hashtag #NLUTE. Want to make sure it is YOU guys who enjoy the EP the most, you're the main key in helping us and fueling us!

Big thanks, cheers

~Drew and Ready to Start

Great news! "Not Long Until the End" will be released Saturday

Just making this short and sweet. Excuse us for not releasing it on the 11th. We just got caught up and couldn't get together to finish the demo EP. So this Friday we are working on it and it will either be up early Saturday the 17th or late on the 17th. Just need to add Zach's vocals on the songs he is on, and polish up some drum lines and bass licks.

We'll be making sure you know which time it is released at our twitter @RTSmusic

Stay tuned! We are very excited to be making our debut and getting the word out. Remember download is FREE so make sure you grab a copy and share it with your friends. Pass it along, burn the songs to a CD and leave it in bathrooms, etc ;)



Unexpected Hinderances

Sorry for this, we all hate to do it, but due to a few different unexpected happenings the EP will be released next Sunday instead of this Sunday. We apologize for this, and hope that you'll all hang around long enough to check out our EP. Check back later, ~RtS

"Not Long Until the End" UPDATE!!

Hey, what is good readers and listeners? Drew here. Just reminding everyone that our debut demo EP "Not Long Until the End" is going to be released this Sunday, November 11th. Not sure yet on the time it will be released, depends on how fast we can mix up the final parts (Zach's vocals, some little touch-ups on drums/bass). Looking for 8PM EST but don't take my word on it, just a rough estimate.

We redid I'm Not a Punk and Looking Forward so every song on the 5-song demo EP is fresh.

It will be uploaded on here, www.reverbnation.com/readytostartband, for FREE like aforementioned, so make sure you download it and pass it along! ;)

Not Long Until The End!!!

Only two more days until our debut EP is to be released! Who can't wait to hear how AWESOME Ready to Start is?!

Next Weekend

Next weekend we will be finishing up our EP and putting the whole thing up online for your listening pleasure!! This means FIVE songs, not four, because we decided to put a fifth song on the demo. Hooray! Stay tuned!

EP Announcement

Hey ladies and gents, just your friendly neighborhood bassist/vocalist for Ready to Start stopping by with a couple things to say. For starters, we realized just how much we improved since even this summer during our last few practices with our new drummer Jack. Big shout out to him, he had almost all of our songs down within our first 2.5 hour session and has only gotten better. However, then we realized that we should PROBABLY start recording ourselves in order to gather up fans...so here we are with our new lineup and new recordings! Which brings me to say that we are going to be recording a very quick 4-song EP to get ourselves out there, which will include both Looking Forward and I'm Not a Punk, along with two of our many other songs. Oh, and one last thing...we hope to be playing shows soon, but that all depends on what we can manage to find. Anyway, take a listen to our songs, there are more recordings to come!


Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips  (over 5 years ago)

Zach . . .

Unique name. Keep working hard to get past the 'Ready To', and 'START !
. . . Me

August/September Update

Hey everyone! This is Drew here. Just want to let everyone know what's happening right now and using this blog post as kind of an August/September update.

Shows We have a show next month at the Foundry in Lakewood, OH on Friday, September 21st. Tickets are $10 presale, add $3 at the door for anyone under 21, club's rules. Email us at itimebomb1@yahoo.com for details and where/how to obtain tickets. Also have one more booked November 3rd but there is not much hype upon it right now, since it is months away. More shows to come, just stay informed by our twitter @itimebomb1

New Music Won't be recording anything new probably until October/November/December area. Focusing mainly on shows right now. As for the upcoming shows, a CD of our song "Looking Forward" will be available for free, along with out social media links.

Hope everyone is having a great August so far! Stay tuned for more

-Drew @itimebomb1 http://www.facebook.com/itimebomb1 http://www.myspce.com/itimebomb1

Michelle Belleau
Michelle Belleau  (over 5 years ago)

Hi Drew!! I left you a message, and for some reason your facebook page disappeared!!

Are we good for Friday? Please call me. Everyone really wants to hear your guys. My cell is 440-666-3917.