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J.K. Coltrain's "Stars of Tomorrow Show"

"Stars of Tomorrow Show" 2014 episode #2 - Show # 11 in the series Running time 35:36 HOST J. K. Coltrain GUESTS Rose Angelica Kerry Wallace Laura Dodd VIDEOS Rose Angelica - "The Wish" Kerry Wallace - "Love Rains Down" "Memories of Momma" Laura Dodd - "Songbird" "Spread My Wings" http://youtu.be/RldEcFSR7DQ?list=UUCFrtOdFXu2BwfGUQ6eNwVQ

Traditional Country Opry SpringFest

The Traditional Country Opry will be hosting a very special SpringFest on Saturday March 29th, 2014. If you like REAL country music you will love this show. So make plans now to attend.

TCO SpringFest