So excited to announce release on my new Music Monsters game today! Battle For The Beats in my music (GAME LINK http://bit.ly/1npaiSG) ) Although,I personally will not have the proper ios version,I will be able to play in Oct.when the computor online version is available...PLEASE READ FOR INSTRUCTION/DETAILS BELOW.Have fun and any feedback would be appreciated..Chrisy Hi Chrisy, Good News!! Your Music Monsters mobile Facebook game is ready for you to release and share with your fans. Instructions for releasing and announcing your game are provided below. You will begin by setting up your game as a Music Monsters Tab on your Facebook Musician/Band Page. This Tab coordinates the database connections among Music Monsters, your image/art and songs for your game, and your fans playing your game. Once you set up your game Tab, you can start telling your fans about your game by posting your GAME LINK in Facebook posts, tweets, IG posts, on your website, in your newsletter - anywhere you communicate with fans online. Since the majority of your fans access social media through mobile devices, we have focused on the mobile version of your game first. So today, your game will be playable on iOS mobile devices (iPhone4s/5 & iPad2). The Android version will be ready on or before September 10. The desktop version will be released in October. This version will allow fans to play your game within their desktop browser on your Facebook page. Fans will get your game by clicking on your GAME LINK on their iPhone or iPad. The link is long and complex, so we have provided you with a shortened link in the instructions at the end of this email. When your fans click on this link from their mobile device, it will take them to the App Store to download the free Music Monsters app. When they launch the app, it will first connect to Facebook. This connection tells the app that they got the game from you and to skin the game with your Facebook image/art and load your songs onto the playlist. YOU SHOULD CLICK ON THIS LINK WITH YOUR IPHONE OR IPAD to install your game on your device. If you’d like, you can do this to play your game yourself before you release it on Facebook. We are excited to be working with you to use mobile Facebook gaming to promote your music. And as always, please let us know if you have any questions or problems. Have fun with your new Music Monsters game! Regards, Music Powered Games

Another radio show for ChrisyD music

Yet, another radio show plays ChrisyD music on Cross Talk. Please listen in to this PODCAST from 7/30/14 (humor) TALK SHOW with host Jon Cross @ http://joncrosstalkshow.blogspot.com/ Like humor then u will like this..:) Thank you for your continued support.ChrisyD music is played Internationally over 100s of online radio...


ChrisyD's "Wounded Love" made the TOP 20 LIST ON CMG RADIO!! Thank you to all of the hard working dj's @ Literally 100s of stations in the CMG Radio Network CMG DJ's Hit List (Top 20) Why not show your support for what we are all working hard doing for you the Indie Artists? Steve 1 Sadie Anne Gary Clardy 2 Walk On By Richard Lynch 3 Country Girl Lucky Man Jerry D. Hobbs 4 Faster Horses Larry Vannatta 5 Bend Like A Willow Mary Lee 6 There's A Place I Like To Go Don Murdock 7 Butterflies Allen Karl 8 Where Ever You Are Western Avenue 9 Second Chance Taylor Mclain 10 Songbird Matt Reeves 11 Your Driving Me Up The Wall Keith Bradford 12 Crazy Town Nelson Blanchard - (SW) Carmella Inchierchiera 13 The Devil Took Him John Penny 14 You Lied Ronda Baugus 15 I Stood There and Lied Richard Lynch 16 Wounded Love Chrisy D 17 Do You Feel It Too Jess Taylor 18 My Baby's Gone Donnie Roberson 19 Countrified Rick Sharp 20 Honestly Me Tall Timber @ http://cmgradio.info/cmgglobalnetworkcharts/cmgdjshitlistchart.html

The Chrisy D Show 04/13/14 Podcast

The show included a WORLD PREMIERE EXCLUSIVE to a new release from Chase Encounter.(Label) Hound Music.. http://www.mixcloud.com/DJChrisyD/the-chrisyd-show-41314-world-premier-release-from-chase-encounter-already-gone-and-more/ If this link does not show up,please refer to ChrisyD fb page for the link to mixcloud podcast.My second recorded show!! wooohooo..:) Thanks for tuning in.The next "The ChrisyD Show" on THNKRadio.com will be Sunday April 20 7p-9p CST Check your timezone..World-wide broadcasting available

The Chrisy D Show March 28 9p CST / 10p EST

Special LIVE guests: Members of the band Polyester Starfish...We will be sharing some pizza,Polyester Starfish music and some insights on the band and MORE..Fun to be had..Please listen in @ www.thnkradio.com

Singer/Songwriter-DJ CHRISYD Online!

ChrisyD is a DJ for THNK Radio.ONLINE Hope you can be there..The CHRISY D Show (LIVE) EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT 9p-11pCentral. @ www.thnkradio.com Playing anything Country to Metal.Playing INDIE music from Reverbnation artists and more! SEE YA THERE :) I will try not to give you too many bloopers to laugh at...:) IT'S LIVE FOLKS and If You are interested in exposure for your songs contact:http://thinkerton.enjin.com/thnkradio

The CHRISY D Show THNK Radio

JUST IN: Listen in to tonight's (LIVE)show for a special announcement for what's coming on The CHRISY D Show (LIVE) for Nov 8.This will include (but not limited to) my first live guest and revealing of a new unreleased song w/yours truly and some other fun, scheduled with this guest... More details on tonights show! We are excited here at THNK Radio. Hope you can be there.. right after Crafted Metal w/ Eric Vintauris@ The CHRISY D Show (LIVE) EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT 9p-11p @ www.thnkradio.com Playing anything country to metal.Playing INDIE music from reverbnation artists and more! SEE YA THERE :) I will try not to give you too many bloopers to laugh at...:) IT'S LIVE FOLKS

15 yr old CHRISYD A DJ TOO? THNK Radio

Thank you THNK Radio for this opportunity: Come listen to my DEBUT 2hr weekly show on THNK Radio Oct 25th 9pm-11pm central.Then, every Friday night after that! I am expanding my HORIZONS..:)LOL..In hopes to give back to those artists/friends.supporters I have met through reverbnation and many other sites You may just hear:Live bloopers..LOL,Your Music and friends and laughter,coming soon! Working on the possibility for taking live call-ins,near future,hopes @ Artists: Download your music @ http://www.THNKradio.com/ https://www.facebook.com/events/581785191882888/ WISH ME LUCK...!

THE CHRISY D SHOW/DEBUT Friday, October 25 at 9:00pm Online 46 people are going

Vegas Entertainment Radio CHRISYD Debut

PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST:) THIS SATURDAY NIGHT FOLKS!!Aug. 31st VEGAS ENTERTAINMENT RADIO DEBUT FOR CHRISYD MUSIC!! SWEEEET.:) Recent email :"Looks like Saturday night (at the start of the Vegas After Dark Show) will be the night that we debut your songs “Invisible” sometime between 9:00pm – 9:15pm (PDT), and “Wounded Love” between 10:00pm – 10:15pm (PDT). After that, your songs will go into a random rotation like all the other songs. So, it could play anytime during the Vegas After Dark Show. We also have a “Request-a-Song” feature that allows our listeners to select songs from our playlist. Sometimes it takes a half hour to hear your selection due to the number of requests there are. And you can only make a second request after you hear your first request." PLEASE VISIT AND SEE HOW THEY INTRODUCE ME.Tweet them,fb like them,ect. Let them know we appreciate this opportunity for Chrisyd.They just don't play many "INDIE" artists and we/I/you are very excited they have chosen CHRISYD music!! Now You Know will also be played, eventually,pending a small edit..We have visited the Featured Artist page and they have 2 artists listed.Chrisyd will be among the few INDIE ARTISTS chosen for Radio Play! WHAT AN HONOR..:)THANK YOU VEGAS ENTERTAINMENT RADIO @ http://www.vegasentertainmentradio.com/default.html


Hi,excited to announce MuseBoat Radio (London,England) accepts me aka CHRISYD on their 24/7 rotation play.I am on several stations here in the U.s. This is my first for International radio play! Please join the MuseBoat chat room (with me),Sunday April 21st 5pm Eastern,while they launch a promotion to introduce me and my music @ http://museboat.wix.com/multimedia Then,I will be placed on 24/7 rotaion play after that!! U.K. is my #2 fanbase on my reverbnation page where I rank #1 @ http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/chrisyd?profile_view_source=header_i... or my fb @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/ChrisyD/169738616462053?ref=hl