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upcoming cd release

well, we are officially starting recording with doug driesel productions for a 6 song cd titled "it's a country thing". songs will be 1- airplane whiskey, 2- i did it for the country girl, 3- out in the mud, 4- never ending road, 5-down on the bayou, 6- it's a country thing. it will be available very soon.

studio time coming !

Just want to thank everyone for putting up with the rough recordings, and let you all know that we will be releasing our first official, professionally recorded, EP album very soon. Thanks for sticking it out with us and for being so patient. I really think the CD will be worth the wait ! You've gotten a taste of it with Airplane Whiskey, and the rest of the CD will not disappoint.

upcoming music

Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be recording our original material very very soon. Sorry for the poor recordings, but having to wait for the finances to get right. Hopefully, by the 1rst of march, we will have our first all original, "high quality" demo recorded and will upload them as fast as we can. Thanks for the patience, and we really appreciate all of your support! We promise, the wait will be very well worth the wait! Thanks again, Buddy Costlow & CCB.

Band Progress

This blog is to let everyone know how our "little band project" is coming along. We lost a drummer a couple of months ago and have since picked up "MisterInsane Drummer" which is also now our band manager. He is an amazing talent, very knowlegable, and is the perfect fit for us. Fingers is still just amazing! At 22 years old, he has a VERY bright future in our band. He and i really mesh in our writing styles. (And the old saying goes: great minds think alike..lol) we've written about 15 songs that are sure to bring Buddy Costlow & CCB straight to the top of the local country music scene. Our covers, which we strongly feel, should never be the same old same, all have a very heavy CCB influence. The 3 amigos mesh so well that during rehearsal, we all 3 accidentally wrote a new song. We had a bass player up until 2 weeks ago, but the fit just was not there personality, goal, or music wise. We believe very strongly in our project, and just have no desire to play a cover song and have it sound just like everyone else, and that philosophy WILL not be compromised ! On a more positive note, we may have finally found the right fit for us and our bassist slot. A long time friend of mine, Bruce Hales, may soon be taking the reigns as CCB's newest member on bass. An official announcement will be made if that happens. On a very sad note, Buddy Costlow & The Chambers County Band will be volunteering for a benefit in Dayton, TX on Dec 8th starting at 11a through 12:30p. We heard the story of this poor baby girl Payge Davies, being struck by a car on her way to the school bus and it just crushed all of our hearts, so we offered to help out in the only way that we know how to, which is (at least for a day) to try and pick this baby girls spirit up , as well as her family and friends through our music. So please come out and let's help these folks the best we can, and show them that as true Texans, during a friends time of need, WE ALL STAND TALL !!! Also, later that evening in Nederland, TX, we will be playing at Tammy's Bar starting at 9p until 1a..you can find all of the benefit info, and show info under our scheduled shows here on reverbnation, or under our facebook band page. We're looking forward to seeing all of you there. Thanks, Buddy Costlow


Hey everyone my name is Christopher McNeal, AKA Fingers, I am a self taught musician. I play a wide variety of instuments as well as genres. I have been playing for 18 years, yes i am 22 and i was 4 when i picked up my 1st guitar. I've played with a variety of bands, but this band is by far the best I've ever been in. A few of my originals will be featured in this band! My good friend Buddy Costlow will be leading the vocals. Joining Buddy in the founding this band made me refire my passion for music. Everyone please stick with Buddy Costlow & CCB as we embark on this long journey together!!


I've been writing songs since i was 13 years old. I never knew how to play an instrument, so all of my songs were basically just poems with a beat in my own head. Around 6 years ago, i was given an old acoustic electric montana guitar from my grandfather which i still own to this day, and ALWAYS WILL! Now, without going off track to much, i taught myself how to play rythum guitar using various websites and alot of youtube videos. Since then, i've started writing better and better songs. Now to this day, i've always written in the style of music first and lyrics last, because i just could not figure out how to "create" the music for my lyrics. A few weeks ago, i went down to the beach where i usually have my writing sessions, and i broke a guitar string right off the bat. I had been thinking of a lyric for a few days prior, so not having my guitar to "crutch" on, i decided to sit down and write the song lyrics with no music. Remarkably, i finished the song, called "a gift from hank", (to be released very soon) and later that evening, after restringing my guitar, i sat down and began to try to put music to my "poem". Mind you, i had never been able to accomplish this task on any other song. I sat there, and within a 30 minute time frame, not only had the music written, but also had the lyric melody. Wow, i could not believe it, a completed song written in a way i've never been able to write in before, and it has turned out to be THE BEST SONG I'VE EVER WRITTEN!!! Some people call this a gift that i was given as i've never had any formal music training, and i would absolutley have to agree. " I CALL IT MY GIFT FROM HANK". I hope everyone loves the song, and i hope it means as much to everyone that hears it, as it does to me.