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Remastering Rock #1 & Chance's Surgeries

Today we finally bring you the remastered version of Rock Song #1. We apologize for the delay. Chance had several surgeries performed on him over the past couple of months. I will not go into much detail. Unfortunately he temporarily lost his voice after the second surgery so he couldn't sing on the instrumental albums (Ha...). He is still slowly recovering. Chance has improved enough over the past few weeks for him to finish the re-master of Rock Song #1. Thanks for your patience, we hope you enjoy. We will leave the old version (you can still download this if you are a fan) up for now so you can compare the two. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks everyone for your support! -Rob

New Song #12

Hello All, We hope you like the new rock song, number twelve. Song #12 was recorded with the PRS Tremonti Signature Guitar. Can you hear the difference between song #12 and songs #10 & #11 which were recorded with the PRS Hollowbody? We would love to hear your feedback! Thank you for your support. We love all our fans. Chance & Rob


Yesterday we put up "Escape to Rivendell". Hopefully fans enjoy it, there is a lot of guitar work in that song. Also coming early next week we will have our first video to go with it! Also we've been working on the website and the mobile app so you can listen from anywhere. Have a great weekend and thanks for tuning in. We appreciate everyone's support!

Escape to Rivendell

Chance has been working on recording “Escape to Rivendell”, an epic instrumental guitar piece, over the past week or so. This will be a song on the new album we’re working on with a group of other songs. He originally wrote it on a mandolin and transposed it to acoustic guitar years ago. The song has various movements it goes through and takes over your imagination. Because of the difficult timing changes it is very exhausting to work it out on the digital drums and you will have to hear us play it live to get the full effect of the song with all of the timing and tempo changes. “Escape to Rivendell” is a very difficult song to play and we hope it takes you somewhere and you appreciate listening to it. It helps playing it on a very fine Larrivée LV-10E Custom (see pictures). We’re hoping for us to play this song as one of our first videos. I think he’ll be done recording and it will be up by Christmas for everybody to enjoy. Happy holidays!

Welcome Eric to Rivendale on Drums!

We would like to welcome Eric Galliher to the band as the drummer for Rivendale! He is an incredible drummer, and it is a fantastic blessing to play with him. Eric is also an amazing guitar and bass player. He brings a lot of musical experience to the band, so it will be great to play together and see where the music will go from here. Before Eric came along we were using the virtual drum machine tracks built into the Roland VS-2000 we record with, so you will definitely notice the drumming quality go up on the next group of recordings. Eric and Rob have played in a couple of other bands together. You can also hear a sample of Eric’s drumming and bass playing on the new instrumental song I just uploaded called “Rob & Eric Rock 1”. This is a song Rob & Eric recorded a little over a year ago. For all of you who have been patiently waiting for Rob to put down solos over the Rock songs, this is also a sample of his rhythm and lead guitar playing. Please let us know what you think! Thanks for listening!

Rivendale and "The First Mover"

Aside from all the music being written, Chance also wrote a novel about quantum physics and theology in which Stephen Hawking is the main character. We are hoping to have this published and available to the public soon. Please stay tuned for updates about that as well as our music.

Listen & Drink

Listening to that new Slash album while uploading some tunes. Pretty awesome. Rock is awesome. Can't wait for some upcoming shows: Steve Vai, Tenacious D, Slash w/ Myles Kennedy and Tremonti with his new album. I hear Rush, Journey and some other greats are on tour as well. Maybe we can find a singer and go on tour soon too.