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So y'all

This is what's going on with Macrohart:

1. Macrohart is recording! You may have already known this, but we're currently working on getting drum, bass, and guitar tracks written and recorded; Victoria will record vocals on her break. We plan having a new release out in January, in time for our next series of shows.

2. Macrohart is writing new music! You may have also already known this, but even though Victoria and I are in different States, we're still writing music together! Our newer music is geared more toward where we want to head with the band's sound, and is heavier than most of the songs we've written previously (although some of our "older" songs will still be included in our upcoming release and our January setlist).

3. I like coffee. I'm drinking coffee now actually. I feel like this list should have at least three things, but I couldn't think of a third that I could mention yet.

Sooo y'all, we've said this a bunch, but Macrohart is on a short hiatus from playing shows, but we are still writing together and doing other band stuff, and improving our musical skillzzzzz (hooray!). So anyhow keep an eye out for new music (Victoria just added a little teaser of a new song on our first episode of "Hartbeat"), and new shows (we have places that we're supposed to play, but not all of them have a date set, although they will all probably be in January). So yeah :)


Open Mic

We're playing for the open mic at Fresh Gounds in Greenville, PA on the 28th, so come on out!