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How hard can it be?

I'm trying to meet other musicians here on reverbnation, as if it's a dating service or some thing. But it's really tough starting a network. I mean who doesn't want to go nuts, get naked and Rock'n'Roll? It's like herding cats, maybe that's why jazz musicians call each other cats, ever think of that? Any way, I just want to get together with some "cats" from around the area, talk and pipe dream about ideas and see what gels. It's not that complicated! Pleeeeze, c'mon. If you have any interest in having fun just send me a message. I promise I wont ask to spend the night.

Things I just will not do pt.2

You will never catch me wearing sandals or flip flops. I don't care if I seem to conservative or whatever, it just doesn't fit with my super suave and sophisticated style. Give me platforms or give me death.

Things I just will not do pt.1

I will never cover a Nickelback song no matter what. I am an artist and I have integrity, unless of course you're willing to pay a large amount of money to hear me humiliate myself by playing a song as cheesy as "Addicted" or what ever shit tune you choose. Sure, fine I'd do it for the money. But only because I'm desperate.