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Live From Starbucks Los Angeles (FULL BAND)

FULL BAND AUDIO INTERVIEW The ROCK EMPORIUM (Episode #71) with Cassidy Young features an interview with the band Swirl at :39:34


DT interview on the Hardcore Henderson show- AUDIO


Catching up on all things Swirl since the release of the "Rise Up" music video approximately 5 weeks ago

"Music of the World" reviews Swirl music in 'Ditch Day' movie


* "Swirl’s recent video for their single “Rise Up” highlights all of the qualities that brought the band to the attention of Ditch Day’s producers. The popular movie highlights three songs from the Southern California four piece and represents some of their biggest exposure yet."

* * "The three songs appearing on the Ditch Day soundtrack are certain to positively impact anyone who gets to hear them"


BuddhaMan`s Corner Audio Interview with DT

New Interview with DT and BuddhaMan May 1, 2017! #Audiogasm Click and listen (30 Min)


"The Modern Beat" reviews Swirl songs in 'Ditch Day' Movie

Published 4/27/17

* "The power and precision of Southern California’s four piece Swirl has the sort of recognizable swing long missing from young, modern hard rock."

** "The tracks come from the band’s recent self-titled effort and are an ideal fit for a movie that has attracted a lot of popularity and notice from numerous quarters....The three songs included on the Ditch Day soundtrack have familiar and intelligently chosen imagery, passages of pure virtuosity, and enough energy for three bands. "

*** "Swirl really has quite a talent for zeroing in on what hard rock audiences want and are hungry for."

**** "This is big screen hard rock/metal that hits hard and leaves you wanting more".


AUDIOGASM- on Music Friday Live with Patrick O`Heffernan

AUDIO INTERVIEW- Just had an absolutely stellar interview with Patrick O’Heffernan on Blog Talk Radio/ Music Friday Live!

Link- http://www.blogtalkradio.com/musicfriday/2017/04/21/swirl-hard-rock-with-a-message-maggie-mcclure-small-town-to-la-and-success

Signatures in Time Reviews Swirl Music in 'Ditch Day' movie


* " from an album that packs tremendous punch from the outset:"

** "Swirl will spoil listeners in this regard and make many other bands of their ilk sound tired and uninspired."

Indie Music Review.com Writes about Swirl in 'Ditch Day'

"Get in with this today – Swirl are ready to push through any remaining obstacles in their path and ascend to the next level of success."... This is hard rock and metal of a particular stripe and a master class on how it should be done "... "Their talent for crafting a memorable chorus comes across, as well, and this one packs a tremendous amount of punch."... "They combine a confident, authoritative hard rock swagger with heavy guitars and a flexible, yet eternally steady, rhythm section that gives them the enormous bottom end they need to attack with real gravitas."


Indie Music Blog reviews Swirl Music in 'Ditch Day' movie


"remind this listener of such great movie songs as Drowning Pool’s classic “Bodies,” which was one of the best parts of the movie XXX.”

Swirl music review on Band Blurb.com site

New Swirl music review on Band Blurb website- March 29, 2017 http://www.bandblurb.com/swirl-ditch-day-soundtrack-2017/?nonamp=1

Quotes- * "Their music is an excellent fit for the film and rampages with the best qualities we associate with hard rock and metal."... ** "To put it bluntly, Duane Jones understands well what this music needs and gives it up in spades. Brian Jones and Shane Carlson make an impressive engine room for the band and the thunderous groove they lay down for the song never loses its way."... *** “Rise Up” is the shortest song of the three, only by a hair, and it has the band’s trademark focus honed to the sharpest of edges"... **** "This is certainly a band worthy of any hard rock/metal fans’ attention, they bring the heavy and melodic together in a nice package, and there’s no doubt will be hearing more from them over time."