SOME of the people said really perceptive stuff, and i was proud then there were the bunch of jerk offs that "couldn't understand the words" and all that shit. yeah man, i'm fuckin broke, so i make music the best way i can. if you cant stand it for silly reasons that have nothing to do with equipment, or any of that sort of thing, welll, you're a fuckin asshole. and frankly, MOST of the reviews were good, and i know that some of the mixes arent' super good. but if you start sayin shit like the lyrics sucked or whatever, you just fulla shit. cuz their good. and the truth needs no defense. you aIN'T ever WRITTEN AND RECORDED a song in you damn shitty boring life. remember, i got the blonde. you DONT'. SO SHUT UP. you brought my average down. the ones who talked shit were self important wankers with no idea. and when i have my cock in your ass you'll get it. to everyone who said cool stuff. LOVE YOU. you nailed it. yeah, there were imperfections, but i dont have the time, the money or the general wherewithall to make these perfect recordings for you uncompromising connoseurs.sp. but you aint the one out here in the trenches. so fuck you.


precisely my point. that's what i wanted to say. oh and there's rock n roll and cars. live fast die OLD. thats better than the other way. wouldn't you agree?


YEAH, i was uncool in a blog a while back, but i was pissed, in more ways than one. inhibitions and judgement impaired. so. i'm officially apologizing for anything that offended anyone unduly.

but, i also like to keep it straight up. also, in more ways than one.

so, i have a penchant for saying what i think at THAT TIME, sometimes to my detriment i suppose.

"but we need change and we need it fast before rock n rolls part of the past cuz lately it all sounds the same to meeeeeee yeah yeahyeah!" rock n rock n roll radio LET'S GO!!! --joey ramone, circa 1979


since this crappy site wouldn't load, and i have to go to sleep NOOOOW!!! we got a show. mid november at PROSPERO'S BOOK STORE, in the shopping center across from the UMPTEEN THEATRE. OH, i mean the UPTOWN. STAY TUNED FOR A DATE. ITS HEAR, cuz these wankers couldn't get it together to open the page for me to stick it. they wouldn't even let put what gear i use. yes. the bassist uses an svt. what else? jesus!!! i use a highly modified ROLAND 405 which no one know what it is any way. lets just say it is the perfect mixture of british and american. like me. so fuck off. american transistors, and british spkrs. you figure it out. i've fucked with it for four years. sick of talking about i just USE it.


so.... who wears the pants in this house anyway!, and i thought youi said you were into.....


I'M SOOOO happy when you guys fan up with us and stufff, cuz it really is flattering.

but be mindful that we won't necessarily reciprocate if you'r e not our bag. i'm sure you get what i'm sayin'. here's the thing. RBN has all the algorithms that throw together with bands that arent very similar in spirit or sound, and it's a big sociall networking thing, FOR BANDS. RIGHT? but see, even though we're not doin it for the money, (not on i TUNES and we'll only let the stuff stream from here) it doesn't mean we don't wanna "go there", it isnt time. and we REALLY LOVE that people might dig what we do, but we HOPE its cuz you LIKE it and you're a FAN instead of a step-stoner. know what i mean? so, we dig you? we do. if we don't we don't. here's the crux. if you're local to us, and similar in APPROACH or somehow otherwise relateable, then lets hook up do a show together see what happens.

otherwise, y'know. its all good be a fan, we truly appreciate it. i dunnno, that's just alll i wanna write just now.

k. nite y'all. and hang in. things COULD MAYBE get cool, again, sometime. alll good feeling, andrew/blaze out...pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

back again.

k. so we got TWO shows comin up. CODA kcmo on the 31s of august, and AFTERSHOCK in MERRIAM MO. on 6 sept.

y'know, as we go along thru this thing, its interesting how the band gets that little bit more polished each time, but in such a nasty, shake-appeal sorta way. i'm having fun, and i think i can say that for the guys too.

KCMO is a really good place for whatever ya wanna do. it really is. and i thought when i arrived here not that long ago, that i was gonna be playin blues jams for a looooong time. don't get me wrong, AT ALL. i lloooooove A GOOD FUCKING blues jam. but...doing what were doing, is better. more zoned, more just creative, out there, heavy, delicate and yet tough.





i'm soooo bloody lazy, and quite honestly i think i wore out my blogging ability or willingness when MYSPACE was still big. but here's the thing. i want you all to KNOW from the bottom of my usuallly broken, sorta confused, but determined HEART, that i, that is, WE appreciate that you took the time to check us out. the band only forned last february, and i think thing are going ok so far. we'd like to play out more, but there are extenuating circumstances that prevent us from doing so. side projects, family/loved ones, etc etc. most of the recordings you're listening to were recorded just by me in my home studio, with the exception of a couple of guitar solos by mike mccready (yes THAT mike mccready and gordie germaine who still lives out in LA ., but i assure you that the BAND has MUCH more impact. with what chaz and greg bring to the live delivery of the stuff adds a great deal, and we dig playin music together a LOT. coming up in september we'll get more active again on the live circuit. we got the wonderful CODA, aug 31,and AFTERSHOCK in merriam MO, sept 6, and that'll kick it off. BUT! WE GOTTA SELL TICKETS TO IT, CUZ ITS ONE OF THOSE THINGS. hopefully after that tho, we'll be changing KCMO's air pressure enough, to get around that sort of thiing, but if you're local and you wanna buy a ticket at a discount, look me up on FB and we'll work out a deal. (hey, wanna buy a bridge?) kidding. AAAAaaaanyway, we KNOW and we have complete FAITH in this thing of ours (la cosa nostra hahhaa) it'll do well, and we"ll all be huge soon. ... once again. we appreciate that you appreciate, and i'll try to catch up with all of you with personal messages as time goes by. i promise. i just wanna share one more thing. our mission is to do SIMPLE, RAUNCHY, BEAUTIFUL, MESMERIZING POWERFUL, BRAINMELTING CUM ROCK (it come from the hips DOWN), or something along those lines. if there's a dry seat iin the house, and i DON'T MEAN PISS, THEN we didn't do it right.

...but we usually do. hehee.

see ya soon.

i think i'm gonna start blogging again. it IS a bit of a good time. so till next time.. cheers mates.

andrew. aka blaze. greg and chaz say "high" too. P.S.: WE WILL BE RELEASING NEW MATERIAL IN THE NEAR FUTURE, AND SOME VISUALS AS WELL. MEANTIME ENJOY CRAZY i, and that ATMO PROJEKT stuff i put up. thats another thing, but kinda cool.


YOU MAY notice that the song is posted twice. i like both. which one do YOU LIKE? one, i recorded myself in my own studio, and the other was a proper studio. which do you like better. the first, or last. be nice to know. cheers all, luv ya mean it, ciao. CORRECTION. i think its only on there once now, right?


THE BLAZE MALAISE IS: Andrew Berenyi, guitar and vocals Chaz Sims, drums percussion and vocals Greg Manahan, bass and cool guy.

This band is basically all we're particularly interested in doing. i mean, other than the obvious, like loving our moms and stuff, we DO THIIS. OUR AIM is to blow your mind, and make people FEEEEL REALLY GOOOD. I MEAN IT, MAAAAAAN! -Andrew