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The girl got what it takes

Man when I wrote this song I was just looking for something with a little more of a rock sound, but not too over the top. When I was developing the story line I just wanted to make it fun song period . But it made me remember how I always hung out with the high school football team and how rowdy we used to get at our victory parties and I mean rowdy. It was just us guys and well, bear and testosterone don't mix. I got knocked around more than once, But we all had a lot of great times. Then someone got the great idea we should start inviting the girls to the parties and how everything changed over night. We were now sophisticated vying for the girls affection, and how all the big talk and all our so called plans just seemed to go out the window. You know the truth is when it comes to us guys- The girls got what it takes to change our minds.hope you enjoy the song


I've been getting such a great response to "Over the Line", I thought it was time to share a little bit about the song. Duets have always been a big part of country music and I wanted to write one, but I needed one with more of a good feeling - up tempo beat. I also wanted to write a song that I could feature my daughter Heather's vocals, but it always seemed to escape me. Then one day in the car I heard "who says you can't go home" with Bon jovi and Jennifer nettles and I knew that was the feel I was looking for. As soon as I got home I picked up the tele and well, there is was. You never know where or when inspiration is gonna hit you. Thanks for liking the song :)


When it comes to my Country side, George strait had always been a big influence on my writing style and I wanted to write a more traditional country song, but it always seemed to escape me.(To much rock background I guess). I happened to be out riding my motorcycle one day on the back roads of PA when I came across this Y in the road and pulled over. There was a little grove with a stream, a campfire ring, filled with sycamore trees and some rickety old seats. I started remembering how we used to get together on our friends farm, got a fire going, and how so many of the places we used to hang out have been developed and gone, and ...well the rest is in the song. I wrote that song in my head on the way home, and couldn't wait to write it down. I hope it will bring back memories for you too.You never know when inspiration will hit you!

What it takes to be a Man

That song really holds a special meaning to me. It's of course a story of a sons relationship with his dad throughout their lives. But, Having three daughters and never having a son, this song really represents the wisdom for a happy life that I would have wanted to hand down to him. Father to son. The song ends with the father passing away, ecohing one last piece of wisdom, and handing over the family torch, and we are left to believe that he will hand down that same wisdom all over again.I hope everyone can relate to that and it touches your heart

just wanted to says thanks

thanks for all the nice comments on my songs. please invite your friends to take a listen


Finally uploaded my new EP. I hope everyone enjoys! let me know if you like it