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Revervb WTF?

My rankings have been frozen. It appears the money I spent with Reverbnation to promote my page and music actually worked and that made them mad. They suspect me of having people I know click on my songs all day long to up my ranking. Nobody likes me personally enough to do that, not even my family! I have appealed this insanity but it doesn't really matter. I'll still post here for a while but I'm done buying their promotional services. They punish you if it works!

Politics & Music

Almost all songwriters show their politics through their music in some form or another. Even when their songs are completely apolitical, they say something about the artists politics. I can be far more blunt than that. I'll tell you straight away how I look at the world. In the 2012 Presidential Campaign, Mitt Romney was heavily criticized for his 47% comment. I don't agree with Romney. I see his 47% and raise him 53%! Honestly, I'm in the minority. I love what I do and am fortunate to have a career that includes writing and producing music, film & video. Still, I would prefer not to have to work and to have the government send me a check every month. I can't trust anyone that says otherwise. To be sure, I would still make music, film & videos but I wouldn't do anything but what I wanted to do and would be happy to be supported by the government. The problem for most of us is that the government won't pay enough. We live in a time where virtually anyone can claim a disability and get paid not to work. You just have to be willing to accept poverty. I can't. I want more than what they will pay me to do nothing. That makes me a bad guy to a lot of people. Anyone who wants more is now defined as greedy. I am a proud capitalist and I just created a website that will officially launch soon called Music 4 A Living. It's for people like me who know that music is a valuable service that adds value to people's lives and want to EARN money from their music. I will be providing links when the site is live and, if you can stand to on a site owned by a capitalist pig, I'd love for you to check it out.

Reverb Nation go figure

I opened this account years ago and never used it. I never uploaded anything and actually forgot I ever opened it. About a month or so ago, a friend was getting set to release his first CD and started promoted it using online resources, one of them being Reverbnation. I visited the site to give him some likes and views and it asked me to login. I started to open an account but got a message that there was already one associated with my email account. I gave it a shot with a password and was in. Since then I have begun to upload some songs and video and check out some opportunities. I'm impressed and sorry I neglected this site for so long.