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'The Jacksonville Tapes' (Track Listing)

1) Disarray (R.J. Carlson / D. Cronin) 2) Baby Stay Away (R.J. Carlson) 3) Digital Man (R. J. Carlson) 4) For You, For Me, For Us (R.J. Carlson) 5) Ten Little Indians (R.J. Carlson) 6) Passport to Imagination (R.J. Carlson) 7) Trouble (L. Buckingham) 8) Better Than That (R.J. Carlson) 9) Mohammed's Radio (W. Zevon) 10) Let Me Take You Home Tonight (R.J. Carlson) 11) Dancing in the Dark (B. Springsteen) 12) Fancy Nancy (R.J. Carlson) 13) Clayton Cove (R.J. Carlson) 14) The Dakota (R.J. Carlson) 15) The Preservation Rock (R.J. Carlson) 16) Last Stand (R.J. Carlson) 17) Liberty (S. Perry / J. Cain / N. Schon)

Get up...Mix down.

Well, after beginning my project tentatively titled "The Jacksonville Tapes" a little over two months ago (and having half my gear crap out on me along the way and one cassette get completly erased and have to start from scratch for side 2), I have just finished mastering what I like to think of as my debut solo record. The original intent was to have a completely electric album with the exception of one or two acoustic numbers. 16 tracks total. Due to side 2 being accidentally erased and losing 5 electric songs, I had to begin again (think of Steely Dan's setback on 'Gaucho'). And due to losing some equipment, they had to be acoustic. AND at the last minute today during mixdown, I decided to up the album by one more song recorded from scratch in less than an hour. Now there's 17. I'm planning on going old school on this one. Making it a cassette only release and wait to transfer it to a digital format. Equipment for the recording consisted of: Cort bass guitar, Fender Strat, Epiphone Acoustic, Yamaha Keyboard, Digitech Genesis-1 effects processor, a BOSS RC-20XL, a Tascam MF P0-1, and some Shure mics. Just need to design the album cover and other little minute details, but all in all: The hardest part is over. What a relief!

Blah, blah, blog

This is the first of hopefully many blogs. Welcome to my page...hope to see you at the show...etc. etc. etc. Letsgitabitarockin!