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THE SWELLERS welcome Brad Linden & Ryan Collins:

In March of this year, Nick and I were given a 2-months notice by our guitarist Garrett saying he was leaving the band. We had 4 tours lined up in a row, so we established that our trek with Less Than Jake would be his last tour. When our bassist found out, he decided to leave the band on the spot, giving us 7 days to find a bassist to fill in on all of our upcoming tours. The same day we got that call, Ryan Collins (guitarist of Alucard) jumped in to save the day. Ryan learned all of our songs in a week, packed up his life and has been with us on the road with us ever since. When the time came, Ryan switched from fill-in bassist to our full-time guitarist. Still leaving us in need of a bassist. "Live it, love it, learn it. Watch it go… still going. Thank you." – Ryan Collins Once Garrett left before our 3 week Canadian tour in June, we decided to recruit one of our best friends, Brad Linden, as our bassist. After the tour, things started to fall into place. Brad sold his guitar equipment for bass gear, dropped out of college in his final year, and made the decision to join The Swellers full-time. "I was driving when I got the call to join the band and I started thinking how unfortunate it'd be if I got in a car crash and died, because I really wanted to do this." – Brad Linden So after a lot of changes and potential roadblocks, we never slowed down. Ryan has already done 5 tours with us, Brad has done 2, and there's nonstop touring on the horizon. Also, we're busy writing our next record which will be out next year. Not sure what month or what label, but we're very stoked on it already. Thanks for the support. See you on the road! -The Swellers