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"Sun up in the sky"

Aug 8, 2012: a 'jelly'( don't care for th seeds, jelly's sweeter than jam; ) About 10... "how 'bout some more blues ?" Lenny : "ok... hey Nick,12 bar in E... anything ya want" I pick up my A harp, he hits the first note, and the song 'happened'.. 1 'take', just like you hear it . It's been a weird summer here, north of San Francisco... we're about 25 miles or so from the coast... but we've had 'coastal' fog/clouds almost every mornin' since June... so... that was the 'inspiration', I guess. Marianne, my sweet gal & wife had her tambourine in her lap from the Folk/ Gospel tune we'd just done... she picked up that sweet 'offbeat' blues/jazz rhythm like she'd been doing it all her life.. it was her first time playin' the blues! Wait til you hear the whole band! Peace Love Light Lenny, The Blues String Band