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Album Themes

It has been another topic for discussion, as NOT(Yellow) our 2nd EP takes form. We clearly have solid themes for our albums that we loosely base the songs and even cover/title around. Labels R Lies (Reality's A Rumor) was about the subjective nature of reality, how social labels are made-up by society, and not a true reflection of who we are as people. NOT (Yellow) on the other hand is about the underlining fear we have that our culture is moving into a Dystopian society and how we as individuals are not totally powerless to prevent it.

Treading That Fine Line

So yeah this might be that obligatory first blog everyone one writes, but then again it is a real topic of discussion among us that keeps things for getting done. Rather it is more important to be original or accessible. Originally that lacks of accessibility leads to obscurity, however accessibility lacking originally is commercialism. It ended with the idea that truly creative person learns to tread an imaginary fine line between the two.