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new mini album by perilyzed out now!


new album out now!


some recent comments:

"That's crazy stuff.  Avant- garde I'd say.  I would never guess it was guitars." "It really reminds me of the most out there Krautrock." "I seriously dig that music you're doing." File under "Uneasy Listening". "Wow, that's really cool." "Totally wicked krautrock if you ask me!!!!!!"

Ringwerm & Murgatroid! Seahorse Turnstyle is out!

Cro-digital weirdness superabounds in this seminal album. Crank up the Brappzophone 5000 and polish your snails because it's all for YOU.


the collab album with Ringwerm & Murgatroid is in the can! First emission is now up on Utoobz.


Thanks to Moron / EARS / Sealion / Mephisto Noisehead / the Massless / Ringwerm for encouragement and positive comments. And everyone else too. Other Projects: -Chly 101.3 FM Live Experimental Music Night -TouchPoints: An online multimedia project -Ringwerm: 11 track digital album (work in progress)

Calamari pudding was the internal rage…

Kustom while-a-dekkers encapsulated the stained maize. Remsalubricant Horenbucket took over the misting of the blubber tanks, leftly said undone. Oh Kanned Uh duh! the Lovebrokers unflipped all sidesteps to meetrie. Unbuddy the semaphorenicators with something dew! Captain Outrageous was there the hole timers. "BRIPppYY-kaboodle" called out the love dinkz. So many curfews; such little vines.

Spring into Weirdness

Mephisto Noisehead has asked Murgatroid to add some live mutations to an avant-guitar gig in Nanaimo BC this Spring-ish. Hell Yes! the show took place March 26th and was streamed live on video.

Collaboration with Ringwerm!

I've started working on an album collab with weird0-rockerz (;)} Ringwerm. does it get any better than this??? Tracks are being recorded now with accelerated fervor.


Thanks for asking me to contribute to your project! This project has to do with entry points into an artwork, distributed authorship and collaboration. By Luba Diduch of SAIT Polytechnic. Site coming soon. Luba, YOU ROCK!!!