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Second Season

Well...when I started at Black Fox a year ago I was thrilled beyond belief that I would even have the opportunity to work with such talented musicians let alone have a show that was my own outlet to explore and develop...and regain, my music abilities that I put on hold for over 15 years. Growing up, I always had music in my life...chorus, piano, clarinet. In college it was musical theatre performance, musical direction of local productions, as well as teaching musical theatre to students ranging from 7 to 50. But when I moved to DC all that changed and something had to give - it ended up being my music. The opportunities I had known up to that point of my life had gone. And that was fine, believe me, I had enough to keep me busy. But once thing started redefining themselves in my life - 15 years after arriving in DC - I realized I had become out of touch and out of shape. !5 years of neglect can take it's toll. So, to have the opportunity given to me by Black Fox Lounge was like a dream come true, as cliche as that sounds. I never even bothered thinking about "Gosh I hope I make a year there...". I just did it, enjoyed it and time passed. My head was very focused on my voice and trying to relearn all the techniques and tricks of singing again.It's a slow process that to this day I am still working on...learning. But now as I start a second year I see my mind starting to wander to very odd places concerning the Happy Hour Show. I spent the year defining myself and let the show kind of find it's base on its own with the elements I brought to it. But now I am turning that focus to ideas on how to "up" it a little. Over the next few shows I will be bringing folks in to watch it...and then hopefully I can get them to do crazy-ass brainstorming and see how fucked up we can get with our ideas. No-holds barred as far as brainstorming goes. And then little by little hopefully I can start shaping the show into something amazing awesome! Well...I just wrote as a thought - so please excuse oddly formed sentences and anything like that. I hate going back and taking a kind of stream of conscience thing and editing it into a term paper. Galactica - over and out!