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June 17, 2016

Will be playing at the Iron Mug in Morgan Park this Friday! Will do plenty of covers and some originals - so come join me for some music, food, coffee, beer, wine and fun at this adorable place! Looking forward to seeing you!

New Gig and Writing

Hi all! I have a gig coming up in June... meanwhile I have been busy letting the creative writing juices take me where they will! See you soon with some new stuff I hope!


Hey all! You may notice that I haven't lined up any gigs for now. That's because I am taking a bit of time to do some writing. I am writing, writing, writing... then I'll come back and gig! Stay tuned! Until then.... Love and Peace to all of you! See you soon!


Can't seem to open my messages the past couple of days... If I haven't reply to your message, that is why. Hope it gets resolved soon!!!

That Time of Year Again

Well... it's coming to that time of year again when my day job takes priority until after April 15th. Who knows? Next year at this time I very well may be doing my music only and no more day job is needed! I do know this: Performing for the people is definitely the right place for me. It is my blessing vibration given. So, here is to more music to come from me! Just gotta get through tax season first! No problem! Time flies so I will see you all again soon!


Finally! I found out how to get my album to show up under 'discography' with some help from Help! FYI: I do not have all the songs from this album downloaded onto this site. Don't want to give everything away..... We musicians work hard and should receive compensation. :D


I went through a bout of depression earlier this year for about 6 weeks, longest ever for me. My Mama told me several years ago to write a song when I got blue. So, I poured myself out in the song "Sometimes" that I wrote in September 2015. I feel so much better now. My joy is back. And it usually is. Sure is nice to have the ability to write songs......

A Happy Song

This is a song I wrote for my Cousin Doug who passed away recently from Lou Gehrig's disease. I performed this at his funeral.

Time is Marching

Time is marching right along, isn't it? Hugs to you!

Christmas in Summer

This is the Fifth year in a row where I find myself writing a Christmas song for charitable projects that are coming in the fall. Hee Hee! This year it's a "Fa-la-la Merry Christmas". To all of us songwriters out there - ROCK ON!!! XO Gina Lee