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It's THAT time again!

Well... It is that time again, when my day job takes over for a bean counting adventure. BUT! I shall be back in full musical force after the American Tax Season is over! Meanwhile.... Love, Joy and Peace to all! See you soon with more music to share! XO

Broken Rib and Christmas

Greetings Friends, Family, Fans and Fellow Musicians! I broke a rib! No worries, it will heal! But I will be taking some time off from gigs and anything strenuous. And now Christmas is here! Yay! So Merry Christmas everyone! Let's turn to Joy and let it permeate our beings and have a great New Year 2017!


Sorry peeps but I have cancelled my Dec. 16, 2016, gig at RT Quinlan's due to illness. I will be back as soon as I can! Meanwhile, have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

Rose Hoene
Rose Hoene  (over 1 year ago)

Feel better & be Well....You are loved!!

My My My!

Aren't we all just soooooo busy! Well, why not? The world is a busy place. Here's to productive busyness! Make Music! Make Love! Make the World a Better Place! Rock on!

Back Home

Well I'm back home now after a 10 day trip to visit family, starting out in a train, then a rental car, then flying back home again. Time to make more music!!! Happy Autumn and Spring to you (depending on where you live)!

Will Be Gone For A Couple of Weeks

Heading out to the West Coast to see family! Catch you when I get back! XOXO

Summertime is flying by!

Sheesh! Summer is rapidly flying by for us in the northern hemisphere! Here's to enjoying the dog days of summer before lovely Autumn arrives! And here's to sharing the music! And here's to Peace for ALL the world!!

Gotta Gig Coming Up!

Gotta gig coming up this Friday (8/19/16) at the adorable Iron Mug! Check out the Tall Ships in the Duluth Harbor and then escape the traffic and noise and come join me at the Iron Mug for some food, drink and music - me!


Have been busy with some family business which has kept me away... I'll be back when I get this more settled. Meanwhile, keep enjoying your summer or your winter depending on where you are! See you soon!


Hi all! Had such a fabulous time at the Iron Mug when I played there last! Busy adding some covers to my show and writing! Summer is here to be enjoyed! Love and Hugs to you!