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Tom Hyslop Review!

We are pleased and honored to count Tom Hyslop as a fan. For those of you unfamiliar with Tom, he wrote for Blues Revue Magazine for many years. It is very gratifying to be reviewed by such a knowledgeable and respected writer of the roots/blues genre. Check out Tom's review of Soul Reason and his blog/review site, Words About music And Other Obsessions. I think you'll agree! http://rockmrtom.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/ron-spencer-band-soul-reason/

Blues Music Magazine Artist Spotlight!

RSB is featured in Blues Music Magazine's Artist Spotlight. Check out a track from our new CD, Soul Reason! http://bluesmusicmagazine.com/artist-showcase-16/#infform_id0_h986_w1110


After 9 months(honest!) we're proud to announce the arrival of our new CD, Soul Reason! The title is a play on words that just came to me. I told Mark(Gibson) "I have an assignment; I wrote music and a title, 'Soul Reason', it means that the woman in your in life is your " Soul Reason" for living, etc. It needs lyrics and a melody." He turned in his assignment and got an A+. Now that's a song writing partnership!

We're very proud of this new set of songs. Especially because they are ALL originals. We feel we've raised the bar for ourselves and believe these to be on par with the best of what's being recorded today. There's a little somethin' here for everyone; from the Memphis groove of the title track to the swamp blues of "You Ain't Gone" (some of Mark's best writing to date!), to the uptown B.B.King style shuffle, Workin' On Her Sins" (another play on words), to the rockabilly rocker, "Ain't Got Nothin'" and to the jump blues of "Lookin' For A Woman". I believe we've covered a lot of stylistic ground here without losing that special somethin' that our fans have come to expect from us.

Once again we called on a few of our talented friends to help us out and even added some new ones, too! Mick Walker, who has played guitar with some of CNY's finest bands, Downchild, Joe Whiting, Marilyn's Chamber, the Flashcubes, Stroke and The Shufflin' Hungarians, to name just a few, has also been engineering/producing bands for many years. I especially dug his production work on the Gonstermachers CD. He got a really great 'live' sound that we were looking for.

Last September our good friends, Shirley Woodcock-Kolb and her husband Larry were kind enough to invite us into their country home to record the basic tracks to the songs. It's an old country store that they converted to a house with very tall ceilings and wood everywhere! The acoustics are amazing and we knew it would help us get that 'live' sound we were searching for. We recorded the vocals, drums, bass and guitar all live until we got 'the take' over two days with Mick manning the recording gear. Shirley and Larry were gracious hosts and even fed us!

Over the following months we added more guitar, keyboards courtesy of Mark Nanni from Los Blancos, and Dan 'Cato' Eaton added some inspired horn work. Mick was also called upon to contribute rhythm guitar to a couple of songs. Mick was the magic ingredient to our blues stew. His great ear, objective viewpoint and sense of humor kept us on track to making this project a success.

So enough talking already. Where and when can you get your hands on this highly anticipated release you say? Well, It'll be in our hot little hands on July 24th. But most importantly; where can you get it? It'll be available at all of our gigs and of course you'll have the benefit of here those songs performed live by your truly! Locally, Sound Garden will be stocking it and we'll keep you updated as to when it'll be available at CD Baby, Amazon and ITunes.

Watch for CD release party news in the near future featuring special guests! Meanwhile, have a great summer, come on out and see us in Clayton, Auburn, Sylvan Beach and of course A-Bay!


Our new CD is comin' along great! Another set of all-original material, again exploring the blues-based American roots styles that are part of our musical DNA. After recording the basic tracks in a general store built in the 1800s where we got an amazing sound, we're now adding the icing on the proverbial cake. Mick Walker (Little Georgie & the Shufflin' Hungarians, Joe Whiting & the Bandit Band and Marilyn's Chamber) is manning the recording desk and lending his finely tuned ear. Mark Nanni (Los Blancos) has added his keyboard wizardry and Dan "Cato" Eaton has blown some honkin' sax, really fleshing these songs out as we had originally envisioned them. Stay tuned for more updates!


We started at # 18 and we're movin' on up. Thanks to everyone who has viewed and liked the Ron Spencer Band and helped us climb up the Reverbnation Blues Charts! Help us get to the # 1 slot by visiting us on Facebook and Reverbnation, becoming friends, viewing our videos and listening to our songs. With your help we can do it! Thanks, Ron, Mark, Jay and Ross; the Ron Spencer Band!

Shufflin' Off To Buffalo (actually, Hamburg)

The Friday before Christmas, RSB visited a new room that was really great! We played at the Armor Inn & Tap Room in Hamburg, NY, southwest of Buffalo. You know how sometimes you walk in a place and immediately feel like it's gonna be a good night? That's the way I felt. Super nice people, very friendly wait staff and bartenders, Big room with a great soundman named Alex and a nice stage. The crowd was not capacity (winter storm warnings out and snowin' like crazy) but those who were there were very appreciative and very complimentary. We were put up at OMA'S Guest Haus, a bed and breakfast owned by Karl and DeniseTakacs. You couldn't ask for nicer people. Absolute sweethearts including their dog, Maddox who is a lab/pit bull rescued dog! Maddox greeted us at the door at about 2 in the morning and couldn't wait to play tug of war! Ross and I were happy to oblige! We felt like we were home! Thank you Armor Tap Room! Thank you Karl and Denise! Can't wait to go back! Mark Gibson Ron Spencer Band

Oh, Canada!

Well, we're home from Canada! Petersborough, Ontario, to be exact. We had a great gig at the Showplace Events Theatre on 11\6 and rumor has it that we will be going back! I was tickled pink with our Canadian audience. They made us feel right at home and that just got us fired up! Ron was getting standing ovations after his solos! Needless to say, Jay and RossMoe were tight as...... Well, to steal a line from Muddy Waters: they were "a bulldog hug a hound" tight! We were just getting started at the end of the gig (two 50 minute sets plus an encore) so we hiked for a grueling 30 seconds back to our hotel, retired to Jay's room, had some liquid refreshments, and watched the election results on Canadian TV. (Quick aside: I was astounded at how much the Canadians follow and know about our politics!) And speaking of Canadians, I would like to say that from the desk clerk at the hotel ("the nicest hotel room I've ever had" hotel), to the sound guy, Rael (sp?), to the woman who volunteered to mann our CD sales, to the waitress at the breakfast place the next morning, the people we came in contact with were the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Thank you, Petersborough!

RSB featured in Syracuse New Times

Check out the feature on the Ron Spencer Band in the latest issue of the Syracuse New Times! www.syracusenewtimes.com