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Hello and we're all lacquered up

Hi there

A big day today: Streaky Mastering did the lacquer for our debut single - Rant - which will be out October 6th 2008, at the end of the Scottish leg of our first ever UK tour.

Its taken shedloads of work to get all the parts together - the right mix, some great artwork from Craig Little, and of course Streak working the cutting machine.. we're hoping he's taken a few shots so we can show you how the process which involves lots of tweaking and twiddling went. Very analog.

Much the same for the album - although we recorded to Logic we worked in a really nice residential studio - The Byre - in the depths of the Scottish highlands with only our producer Kit, house engineer Andrew, studio manager M and their Great Danes, German Shepherd and horses for company. Big desk, loads of great instruments, cool old valve mics, amps and guitars galore - and even though the album has loads of mad sonics nothing got recorded without some air between it and the mic... no midi, and lots of the time no click track. It was an intense process, but we're well chuffed with the finished result.

So today was a big day - first step to getting the fruits of our labour out to the world in a real tangible you can hold it in your hand form.

Cheers all Sleepmode