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We are back .....

As we now have two new band members Luke Flanders on bass and Justin Vanderwater on guitar along with Max and Glenn the original members, we thought it was a good idea to change the name of the band and write some more music, Its more of the same sound but a little heavier. We have 4 new songs on the way so stay tuned coz its only getting better.

new songs

hi all, we have loaded 3 more songs up so have a listen and hope you enjoy.

Changes to the band

Hi all, we have a new member of the band Luke Flanders has joined up to play bass and at our first gig together last night ROCKED. We also uploaded three new songs. enjoy

Dunedin Musicians Club

Hi everyone, we have a gig on at Muso's Club Thursday 28 th March. see you there.


just reached 300 fans, sweet

NZ Battle of the Bands

Creamery are playing at 2013 National Battle of the Bands at Sammys Dunedin on 11th May, bands start at 8 pm

Happy Days

New Meinl Byzance hi hats and crash on the way. life is good.

Happy New Year

hope you all have a prosperous year and all your gigs go off.

Wunderbar Gig

Thanks Wunderbar for the coolest venue ever. We had heaps of fun and met some cool people. Cant wait for the next one.

Dunedin Musicians Club Gig

Thanks much to Graeme Dooley, Annie, Garth and everyone who supported Saturdays gig. Dan and the Deviants were playing some epic music, we enjoyed the f**k out of it. Cheers all, cant wait for the next one.