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My Journey to a Record Deal 7

Havent done a show in a while but I been in the studio....I recorded "Now and "Amazing" both songs for the ladies....and I realeased Queen.....I took Queen to WGCI and chopped it up wit DJ 33 1/3 but he really didnt give it a chance so it made me realize this may be a little harder than I thought it would be because I know "Queen" is hot!!!! Been talking to alot of cats in the business and they all really sayin "Its who you kno" but it just motivated me to really turn this up another notch. Tomorrow I got a show at Luigis.....a special request for a birthday party...which is my first of that nature so thats pretty kool to me....she say she like "Queen" and "Rockstar". Im really gettin my mixtape ready and packaged which is a bit premature but I want to have sumn ready to hit the streets when I go to Atlanta in March...gotta wrap up this court case but since im gon be down there for a minute I been booking shows and gon flood the city with as much of my music as I can #LetsGetIt

My Journey to a Record Deal: 6

Just did a show this past Friday and we turnt up! Fa sho....perform 3 songs this time usually I perform 2.....I performed "Rockstar" the my new joynt "Anit Nothin to Me" and "Queen"....funny shyt is I didnt even kno most of the words to "Anit Nothin to Me" because I had just wrote it like 2 days before lol but the song go so hard that I had to do it.....niggas was panicing and shyt lol but i was just like fuck it I'm gon swag it out! Lmao....we turnt that boi up.... Ya Ya was in the building, he out of Maywood too and Lil Durk was the Headliner they kilt that shyt too....my boy Piro got locked up that night but he jut got out today....sometimes things get crazy but I Love my team #100.....dont know if im gon be doin anymore shows for awhile but who knows cuz when i first started i said I was gon do 1 show and fall back and end up doing 5 in a row

My Journey to a Record Deal: 5

Today is NYE coming to the close of 2012 and the beginning of 2013....since my last show at Red Kiva I have done two more shows both at Dtox. Dtox is the same place I did my first show....I really didn't plan to do that many shows at Dtox so close together but the promoter my homie Supaman has really stepped his game up and put some gd shows together ....the second show was headlined by Johnni Blaze a strippers vs twerkers competition and the last as headlined by Yung L.A. but I really got in that show because it was a lot of Maywood Rappers in it that I respect.....so to me thats what really mad the show big!

My Journey to a Record Deal: 4

Last nite we went to Red Kiva it was me, Smurf, D-boy, Lammar, Smoove, Tiff, Big Q,Piro, Smurf and his cousin, Shanell and Teresa and we met Vikki and Ike there....we was already turnt up before we got there! We kicked it off with the Pat Ron then we got some beers then Piro show up with the Remy smh....so now we flying to Red Kiva get there and turn up....str8 like dat!....If you have never been to Red Kiva its more of a lounge and they got this big pit that has seats str8 VIP status so you already kno we had to grab it! Ciroc on deck....then Big Q buy 2 mo rounds smh... When I say we turnt up and we took over the club pls believe I anit lyin.....I killed my performance! got them going with "Rockstar" slammed them wit "Queen"....had the crowd rockin on lyfe......then Smurf performed a little later and killed it....then Young Lammar hit em with the acapello of "Get Dicked Down" when i say we owned the night "WE OWNED THE NIGHT!" anyone who was there will remember STMG for the rest of they LIFE......I also met Jamal Smallz from WGCI FM RADIO....real kool dude and he chopped it up wit me and really kept it #100 wit me....much respect.....also met Talley from Windy City and he kept it #100 too.....but we was so in it....its crazy lol.....Vikki (my friend/manager) got so mad at me and said she didnt want to work with me anymore cuz I was too turnt up but Im a entertainer Im suppose to #TURNUP....thinkin about doing the Rap Factory next cuz Mel invited us he kicked it with us in the VIP too....shouts out to Big Mel....dont really know whats next but it should definitely be interesting #TURNUP

My Journey to a Record Deal: 3

Right Now how do I feel? Tired....Excited....Focused....Anxious.... the last few days have been about music....my boi J. Reid (On "Make It Fly" 1st verse) hit me up 2 days ago and asked if i wanted to jump on a song with him.....so I slide by his crib and we wrote a song called "Take You There" its a hot B96 type of club banger....a great crossover song for me and shows my versatility....we recorded that the next morning with J. Hush.....so right now hes mixing that down.....last nite I went to the studio with Reese G (3 piece) and finished "Queen" a song for the ladies and I definitely feel like this is the best song I have done thinking about releasing this on Valentines Day....learning more and more everyday....met the dude who did Oprah, Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil intros that was kool....now I just need to focus on this show tomorrow at Red Kiva....one step at a time signing off King of Tha City

My Journey to a Record Deal: 2

So last night I went to the studio with Reese G from the Chicago popular group 3 piece, I met him the same night I met Bo Deal....he played me alot of songs that i didnt even know he was did and featured on....songs with plies,twista, played a song he was shopping to someone in the industry...i wont say any names.....he also played the new 3 piece video thats maybe coming out in the summer and that joynt is tiiiiiiggggghhhhttttt! NO LIE!....we worked on my new single "Queen" we really just laid the base of it but I can already see it coming to life.....it go hard!....Im learning its alot of real niggas in the business but its alot of haters too....but it dont matter cuz I anit in competition with no one but myself.....this be work to niggas, Im havin a BALL lol #100

My Journey to a Record Deal

My Journey was really inspired by Scummy Smurf and S.T.M.G. see my cousin Dboy started managing Scum in early 2012 and I started going to shows with them. The first show I remember just watching and wondering what it would be like to perform. By the next show I had my STMG shirt and was ready lol. Then i went on stage and it just felt good. All eyes on us! Thats a tight feeling, by the time the next show came I made sure I knew the basics of one of Smurfs hottest songs "Top Let Back" because I knew if there was any song I wanted to be a hype man for it was that one PIDD! LOL and with me being Me somehow the mic found me lol. Then i believe we did the video shoot for Kush and Alcohol at Raven nightclub and I began to see how deep STMG was and realized it was a movement that I definitely wanted to be apart of. Then there came more shows and then the video shoot for "IMMA KILL IT....yep im all in that joynt u dig!....All of that inspired me to put some music together and with a few blunts and a few 40's of whatever I wrote "Dreamin" in about 3 nights over the course of about 3 weeks.....with perfect timing my birthday would be coming up, so i decided to throw a big party and have a camera follow us, then I thought why not turn it into a video shoot.....Next thing u know Im a rapper!...Not really because it was going to be just for fun....In between time i took a trip to Atlanta and got arrested by the punk police for basically driving while black (I got stopped 2 times in 1 day down there for bs reasons) sometimes i think it was just meant for me to go to jail that day....CRAZY....when I got back J.Reid and Wodi reached out to me and asked me to do "Make It Fly" much love to those cats....so with that Atlanta bs on my mind amonst other things, I started to get frustrated and I needed a release and it made me drink, it made me smoke but then it made me write....then it gave me "Hatin On Me" now I got 2 songs and 1 feature lol. Recently I did a video for "hatin On Me" and it should be critically acclaimed in my eyes. shout out to Atwill the director.....On Black Friday I did my first show and Killed it.....things have been looking really positive but I never put all my eggs in one basket...so far I have been getting alot of support from fam, friends and people that been feelin what im doing Next show RED KIVA Lets go!

Rapper vs Artist

Dont choose to be a Rapper.....they dont last but an artist is always appreciated!