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Going Live

High Water Passage is a trio of middle aged hard folk rockers searching for harmonic collaboration with the listener and, that creative edge. Dread West on percussion explores the patterns of our hearts, Mr Roberts lays out the smoky rumble of progression with the bass, and Tom Armstrong weaves the lyric lines of will with vocals and guitar into an audience for communion. Playing mostly originals written over the years by Tom the band explores ways to pick up the groove so we can free fall into our favorite states mind with you along with us. Tom says, "We are searching for venues who desire and want to be the vessel of controlled free association! Controlled because people have a need to let go but want a safe place to rely on. Free association because we are creative and the vessel of this music is a metaphor for the tangents we can all see when content and active." Give High Water Passage a listen, consider the groove, and when you're ready to have a break from the drone of homogeny give us a call and we'll come set up, swing it and get the engines rumbling to stir and relax.

This is new.. For me!

It's 9:05 pm the 4th of August 2012 and I'm tripping into the world of online. Mean while it's scorching in Seattle at a whopping 86 degrees. (I know, I know it's nothing compared to the rest of the country) Put new strings on all my instruments today. Contemplated the machinations of the Universe and didn't figure anything out. Tomorrow headed for a BBQ with the Songwriters In Seattle MeetUp Group should be a blast.