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Pimp My Uke

I really want to decorate my Uke. I'm not a great painter, but I really want to try to do mother of pearl inlay. It's expensive for the materials so it will have to wait a bit.

Ok. So I've decided to paint the back side for now so if it looks stupid I can hide it. I've decided on a bird theme with branches and berries. I got a cheap $1 bird house to practice with my stencils and paint first.

the happy ukulele
the happy ukulele  (over 5 years ago)

Hey Ukulele Lisa. Maybe you could try painting your ukulele. I paint some with milk paint. Here's an example.

Just the Beginning

So...I know I totally suck at playing the ukulele, but it is so much fun and puts a smile on my face. I am trying to practice a little every night. I only know four chords so far so I am obviously limited in what I can play. My fingers are hurting from getting used to playing as well. Ouch!