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Thank you

Carvello would like to take a moment to just simply thank everyone from the bottom of our beards for all the support, the last bit we have been getting a hang of this internet thing and its been really motivating for us to see the backlash from it.. we will be recording more songs in the next few days in house and hope to have some more to share with you all. Hopefully we will have some songs with Jay V doing the vocals up so you can all hear the other spice that is Carvello. Thank you again from the band, and our beards thank you too.

Good times had by all

The show on friday the 13th was a blast, the local school newspaper stated "good times had by all" that will be a tough one to top.


So by now im sure you are aware of the Friday Event at Fall down Gallery, this is a not for profit show with all proceeds going to the kids help phone, bring what you can, there is no set entry fee, come on in, grab a beer and enjoy an interesting mixture of music, then on Friday August 10th we will be playing with some metal bands at Mavericks Bar on Rideau Street, it looks to be a fun night more geared towards the heavier music, we will fit in well here but we arent all dark and scarey. instead we are a bunch of dads. so we may stand out. 10 buckers at the door 7pm start, we are opening.

Stay Trashy and get Thrashed.



chucking goat bodies at other goat bodies.