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NEW EP on iTunes

Hey Guys...be sure to stop by and check out the new EP now available on itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/noah-smith/id526724508

For the Record

Im starting my record this week...stay tuned

Thanks for all of your support

The New Year - Record and more...

Hello Hello… As this new year approaches I thought it would be appropriate to shed some light on the music I make. Oh the music we make…

I have came to a place where my songs have matured and created a need to release a record. Man that’s a thrill. This is a very good thing. Over the past several months I have made a few trips to Nashville and have been writing, and recording many of my songs.

I am going to be releasing a single the first week of January (or sooner). This is very exciting for me and I can not wait to let you hear my new song So Blind.

While this has been a great journey I am now sitting staring at pages of notes and lyrics wondering what happens next. I am going to be playing several shows at the beginning if the new year. I am going to be writing more, and more. I am going to be planning to release a record.

However, it is going to take longer then I expected. I’m unsettled with the end result of what I am creating in music city. It’s lost some of the guts that I feel in my heart. I believe my fans feel this grit coming from the stage. I do not want to put out music that is quality production but lacks heart. I’d rather make a record with my iPhone and have people trust me, then produce gold and feel plastic.

I’ve been leaning on my musical mentors and praying for guidance in this process. What happens next is this. I have a handful of songs that are going to be releases very soon. “How, Where, and What” lead to a lot more questions. I am going to take some time to rest on these thoughts. Good thing is most likely a few good lyrics will come from the process.

I hope you are well and I do appreciate any support or thoughts you may have. God bless you and yours as we move into a new year.

I will see you out there! I remain, Noah

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Spent Thursday and Friday in Nashville. Hung out watched Zach Shedd (HANKIII) tare it up at Laylas. Wrote some decent songs when I was in town. Came back home and went out and played Milford Inn in Milford, Ohio.

Good people ! I just wanted to say hello. We are enjoying some family time for the holidays and looking forward to the new year. I will be heading back next month for a writers night and I am looking forward to playing some new shows next year.

God bless you all...

News Good News

Hey everybody...! I just started booking dates for a small tour this January. Keep in touch over the next month and be sure to catch a show. I am working hard to get the record off the ground for you all. I cant wait for you to hear it. Have you LIKED the facebook page?

Oh man you are missing out. I am trying to find new ways to get the word out to you. Looking forward to spending some time playing shows in Cincinnati and the tri-sate area. We are heading South for some shows in January. (who wants to stick around in this cold anyway)

If you want to host a house show...let me know ! God bless you and I hope to see you out there soon. -n


The seasons are changing my friends. This time of year always gets the best of my attention and the worst of my adventures. I swear as a kid, around this time of the year I would get restless, and get into some kind of major trouble. At the same time just the smell of the grass in the morning reminds me of some of my best memories growing up out in Brown County.

My oldest boy Cash is turning 5 tomorrow. Its such a great time for my family and I am so excited to be able to keep writing my songs. I have two songs getting tracked down in Nashville tomorrow. The EP should be finished by the end of the fall. For now, its back to the basics. I am writing every night and spending as much time as I can with my beautiful family.

I hope you all keep listening and can start believing in these tunes. I just wanted to take a minutes and say hello. So with that said Hello... I remain, -n

Local Music - Taylor Shannon Band

I'm heading out tonight to listen to some great local music. The Taylor Shannon Band is playing in Williamsburg, Ohio. I just met these fellas a couple weeks back and I was blown away.

Love to make some music with these guys. Such a great vibe and a good time. If you get a chance come out and support them this evening. Become a fan of thier reverbnation page and tell all your pals.

Take care of each other out there and I hope to see you soon. God Bless CHEERS ! -noah

I hope (know) love will do for now

June, 25 2012 Welcome to the world Waylon Paul Smith. My second boy of sorts. I've been looking forward to raising these two rowdy guys my whole life. Its going to be a good ride. Kandice and me are going to be spending the week together with them and then I will be heading back to the daily grind next week. I'm looking forward to some good writing days ahead. Please stop by and listen to my new demos. "We ain't got much money...I hope love will do for now" We have a whole lot of love around us right now and its going to keep us strong. We appreciate all of our family, and friends who reached out with their kindness. A few ladies from church are making dinners for us. Just another reason to keep making babies I say.

I feel very blessed to be given the opportunity to lead my family and raise two (for now) young men. This fall moving into the winter is going to be a busy time for my family and my music. I'm writing with a lot of different folks and teaming up with some great musicians. August 10 will be my first official show and I am currently booking dates for this fall. A little father son time and maybe some old spaghetti western movies are what I am focused on right now. Please keep in touch and we will see you soon.