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Let's get it!

** Click 'All Songs' to hear/download our entire album!** Welcome to our Reverbnation page! We're enthusiastic to be here to share our music with you (Our ENTIRE 2009 release 'For Which We Stand' is available for you to listen AND download) and to check out and networtk with other artists here as well. After taking some time off, we made a much anticipated return to the Fresno music ranks and we're excited to be back playing live for all of you- and with so many other talented local artists. 2012-2013 looks to be eventful for the Republik camp; be on the look out for new material, some heavily-requested merch and bigger live shows than you've ever seen from us before- all as we battle our way through another election year. Hit the ground running and keep your head on a swivel.. We'll see you soon. Cheers, Republik