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The Understanding

It takes a real man to understand why your hearts broken. From your emotion, to your devotion, into your constant focus. Why you was chosen for that position. Why you chose to pursue your ambitions. Listen, I know you're on a mission to get what you've been missing. Ms. Intuition with Mr. Indecision, Mr. Locked in prison, or Mr. Multiple Bitches. Close your eyes and see my vision. But I'm really not the one who painted this picture. Just a man who paid attention. I love a women who hates limits. So tell me how far you're willing to go to win it. Should we kick it from the 60 yard line? Or wait for the days to age in our wine? I'll co-sign on our time. If you rewind on decline. I see mines, I see love, I see hate, I've seen enough. There's no lies in my trust. What's pie without crust? Give your all, it's not much. We all fall cause we rushed. We're not falling in love. We're falling for us. You didn't fall under love, cause you fell to get up. -The Understanding!!!

Most of my music started with poetry. (Dear Love)

Dear Love,

I have something I want to share but I don’t know how. But the time has come, and I must do it now. See as the days go by I feel like a different me. I feel like love is here but I know that this can’t be. I feel like I’ve seen you in the light of a different sun. I feel like I’m just a kid in the days that I had fun. I listen to your laugh, and I listen to your cry. I listen to your heart, but I really don’t know why. To bring myself to you I have to cause a little pain. I want you to be my wife but I’m stuck inside your ring. I love (one), I love (two), I love (three), I love (four). My love makes a sound because it’s knocking on your door. Open up your heart and tell me what you hear. Tell me about your day and that it’s just another year. Give me some of your future, love will never past. Make time to remember, live life like it’s your only last. I feel like I’m in love, but only with half a heart. You have the other half, I wish that we never fell apart. Tears come down and the rain will drop. My body is so cold, and my heart has stopped. You continue to live on with pain in your glass, remembering the late love that you no longer have. Believe me I’m still here, I’m the smell of a rose. I grew into a flower to comfort your nose. You know, I know, we know together. The hardest thing about life, was writing this letter. Dear Love!