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Happy New Year!

Between my FB pages, Gig Salad Page and Soundcloud page, I forget what I post where!! I recently finished a live version of It'll Be Alright and am posting it as a New Year's toast. Here's to all the rough stuff that comes our way being overshadowed by the good stuff. May 2016 be full of blue skies. With love, Jeni


Posted "Your Bride" today, as of now it is bare bones, I am open to instrumentation suggestions, though I may just leave it as it is;) Finally, a simple love song...it has been years in the making....;) a more dramatic tune is sure to follow

Lighten up

Lighten up is a tune written together with guitarist Devin Danehy and produced by Colin Robinson. You may need a seatbelt when you listen….the tempo changes are not typical;)

Gig on November 9th, 2013

Just an update, the time of the gig on November 9th is 9pm, not 8pm. For some reason, I can't edit the information. If anyone knows how I can, please let me know! Thank you!

Finally Broke the ice

finally broke the ice and performed a few tunes at an open mic nearby. The move and the winter had me stuck, but spring is here and I'm ready to shake the ice off my fingers and play some music!

after the snow

working on getting some tunes together, I am posting them here for feedback. My friend Colin Robinson is helping me on the music end, he is a drummer extraordinaire...check him out as well!!


recently moved to the Philadelphia area, I am still in a bit of a fog, but look forward to 2013 in this new, funky town!

Face to Face

I recently added Face to Face without the vocals on accident. Here is the song with vocal, though I am still working on a better one, this one give the feel I am going for.

Jeni Englund
Jeni Englund  (almost 5 years ago)

Recently moved to the Philadelphia area, still in a fog, but looking forward to 2013 in this funky new town!!