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International Interview

Hope you all are enjoying the cold weather (j/k) if you're having any. Though i have new music and performance coming in the spring there is a lot going on now! Please stay tuned as I update you. Most recently is my first international interview with DWFMedia who was done several interview with unsigned/indie artists some of whom have gone on to be major stars (like Ellie Goulding!). Please read it as I think it is well written and I'm so excited to be getting international attention especially from the UK who produce so many talented artists!! You can check his interview out as well as an exclusive photo of me here: http://dwfmedia.wordpress.com/interview-introducing-cordula/

Thanks for Attending My Performances!

I am preparing to take a short break from performing to get back in the studio to complete my album and begin to promote it for release. I have been inspired by the stage, by interacting with my fans, recent photo shoots, and through collaborations with other artists. Please continue to stay tuned as my team and I bring you new fresh art and material and the same level of excellence as we continue to refine my brand. I love you all!!

Two months and so much has happened!

I am so grateful to all of my fans and want to thank everyone for their support. I have been public as an artist for just about 2 months and have seen a tremendous amount of support for my music and my cause! It has only furthered by desire to keep pushing for excellence and keeping presenting a product that is fresh and high-quality. Please stay tuned and follow me as I have a lot of exciting things in the works and will continue to keep working hard to bring you the best that I have to offer. Stay blessed!

Preparing for the Show

Having a great time preparing for my first show this Saturday at the Phoenix! Also have a radio interview tomorrow..things are on the up and up! Stay tuned

National Anthem at Manchester Meadows

Check out my new video...I sang the national anthem on July 29, 2012 at Manchester Meadows for the US Youth National Soccer Championship...had a great time!! Stay tuned for more..

Final Dance Auditions

Check out my new video from my recent dance auditions!

Dance Auditions

Had a great time auditioning for dancers for my upcoming shows!! @NcDanceDistrict

Thanks to all my fans!

Thanks to all my fans I have had 800 plays in 7 days since posting my songs! I have fans in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Belgium. Without fans like you my music wouldn't be heard..I just wanted to say THANK YOU

New Song Post - Climaxion

Posted my first song to ReverbNation today...hope you enjoy it! Cowritten by Matthew Loverso, produced by J-Stylz