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Ice Water Blues

This is a classic old time harmonica performance inspired by the great Defore Baily.Cliff Chandler is the performing artist,he is my partner in the old time country duo Northwater.Show him your love.

Canal Song

Here is my musical partner in Northwater doin what he does.

The Roving Gambler

This is song #2 from the set that Cliff Chandler and I(Northwater)played on Sunday 8/7/2016 at the Bluegrass Ramble Picnic#44 hosted by Bill Knowlton of BGR fame

Tanners Farm

This song I became acquainted with by listening to an RCA Victor reissue released in the 60's(1960's) Smokey Mountain Ballads.I think.Cliff Chandler is playing harmonica(our duo is Northwater)This was recorded at the 2016 annual Bluegrass Ramble Picnic#44.At Little York Lake Park in between Homer and Cortland NY

In the Mountains of Madness

Yes your right.This isn't really a song.Let me digress for a moment since I guess I have your attention(you're reading my blog,right. Some of you who have heard my tunes would know me as a fan of traditional musical styles of the good ol USA(hence my Americana moniker'which by the way is a label that doesn't sit right with me,not because I am anti American,but because it is just a marketing label which attempts to pidgeon hole said artists).I have never been one to jump on that train and will leave my cowboy hat and bib overalls in the closet.Like ogres,us humans have many layers.On one day I like to pick the banjo on another perhaps crank on electric guitar or bass.I like to write and I like to experiment.Sometimes those experiments stray far from what most of you would recognize as"Americana" but since I live in America,than I guess whatever I play is Americana.I appreciate having this forum to post my music,whatever it may be and hope that there is something for all to dig.And may I give credit to HP Lovecraft for the title of this little experiment.(Scary but not scarier than overdue bills or any of the other crap that life hands us on a daily basis.If I am alive I will keep experimenting writing recording.If you like it cool.Thanks for listening


Just messin

I Ain't Got No Home In this World Anymore

This song is of course the Woody Guthrie classic.Written during the Dust Bowl depression days,it still has a strong resonance for these times.If you are comfortable in your life take a moment to think about the plight of people not as fortunate.

Birds at 5:00 AM

If I called this an experimental piece ,that would probably be overblown and close to guilding the lily.I seem to be obsessed with the sound of things natural(ie running water/trains running in the night/thunder storms/ and the sound of nature or the world as it works in general.This recording or piece if you will is just an experiment melding the sound of natural things with the sound of my nature.


A musing on some problems of seeming insurmountable odds.

The Washington Blues

The Washington Blues is another of the many songs that I learned from the playing of Elizabeth Cotton.I believe that it was one of her original compositions.